Human Heroes

1743365_10152605045010620_537504773_nBelieve it or not, my inspiration for this post is not because of Mother’s Day. Crazy, I know.

Rather, I was prompted to write because I have been listening to countless conversations on motherhood, reading articles and books about motherhood, finding posts on my Facebook concerning motherhood, and just thinking a lot about motherhood.

I am not a mom myself. So my experience lies solely in research, observation, and the lessons I have taken away from my own mother. Take it or leave it.

I think that motherhood is one of the greatest gifts that is ever received. I think it is too often put on a pedestal and worshiped, but it is a great gift. I think there are far too many angry articles about motherhood that only make mothers more angry. Angry mothers writing angry mothers. It’s ok, the whole world is not going to take one side no matter which way it’s cut.

I have met a lot of great mothers in my life and guess what?! NONE of them do everything exactly the same way, and their kids are still full of life, very loved, and learning many different things. Could it be….could it be….that each mother is very good at something & also very poor at another? There is no Super Mom out there. Each mom is a human. Merely human. She can only do so much. She can only love so deeply. She can only know so many things. She can only help until she can’t. Which makes every mom a hero. A human hero, but a hero nonetheless.

So, what about the pressure placed on mothers by…. wait for it….other mothers?! Let’s take a few steps back. One. Two. Three. Whatever happened to “do the next right thing.” That phrase most definitely applies to every mother.  She must do the next right thing for her child, for her family, and in her walk with God. The next right thing for one mother looks completely different than the next right thing for another mother. GASP! Could it be? That every mother has a slightly different way of doing things. Sometimes that “different way” is very effective and other times that “different way” fails. But, that mom is learning just like everyone else. Let is pass and do the next right thing. She’s just a human hero.

Since when has it ever been a mother’s burden to be perfect?! The responsibility of a child does not mean a woman must now reach perfection. If anything, that child will most definitely bring out every single imperfection in the woman. It is not the mother’s responsibility to do everything perfect and to have everything right the first time. It’s her responsibility to learn and to love. Her mistakes will aid both of these. Wow! Imperfections and mistakes help motherhood! This cannot be forgotten, especially for the mothers who feel the burden to do everything right for the child. Failure is imminent, learn from it, and do the next right thing.

Every mom has one thing in common. They are mothers! They understand the pressures, the vulnerability, the fears, the heartache, the loss, the dreams, the goals, and the love of motherhood. But, there they go bashing one another, talking bad about one another, judging one another, and holding one another to a standard that not even they can obtain. If anything, motherhood should bind women closer, but it often doesn’t because everyone has an opinion, a preconceived idea, and a sure-fire way of doing things. A mother’s love goes far beyond the love of her child. If she lets is grow, then she can love many others just as deeply. Why? Because, she understands sacrificial love. A mother should never selfishly love just her child. That love should reach others. It’s deep, that love is deep. She has a chance to be a human hero not only to her child, but to those around her.

Don’t shut me out yet. I’m almost done. Motherhood has to be the most perplexing, confusing, difficult, painful, tearful, rewarding, and joyful journey to ever be embarked. Just do the next right thing. Stop reading so many crazy mom articles. Let motherhood speak for itself. Don’t feel inferior because of mistakes. Imperfection will often mold a woman into an even greater mother.

A human hero, that’s all a mother is.




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