Love Me Not For Me

551849_509147709115590_1765534010_nHere you stand. I’m next to you. We left the swings swaying in the breeze. Now, we stand…just you and me. Life is hard, and yet the worth is far beyond our minds. We complain and beg for tomorrow to come. We forget that today is full of blessings. We leave them in the dust, and our thank you’s on the doorstep.

Yet, here we stand just you and me. The swings sway in the breeze. You ask me once. Your voice is vulnerability.  You say it slow, but you say it sure. I’m listening to every word, and it’s something that I’ve never heard before. And, this is what you say:

“Love me now, love me later….but don’t love me for me. Because, me isn’t what it’s about. It never was, and never is and yet the world screams ‘love ME for ME.’ I beg of you quietly, please don’t love me for me. Love me so hard that I’m challenged to constantly do what is right. Love me so well that my faults are illuminated, and help me to correct them. Love me so full that darkness in me is not yours to protect, but mine to repent. Love me so that I may learn how to better love you. Love me not for me. Love me not for who I am. Who I am is broken. Who I am needs help. Who I am needs humility. Love me not for me. Only love me for Christ. Be my friend, so that our bonds may brings us closer to Him. Love me so that this road is imprinted with His grace and His glory. Love me not for me. For me is nothing. For Christ is everything. Do not accept me for who I am. Who I am needs growing. Who I am can’t stay the same.

“I don’t want to be accepted for who I am. I don’t want to be loved for me. That is empty. Love me for Christ, so that together we can become more like Him. Please love me not for me, love me only for Christ.”

Here I stand, next to you. Your honest words aren’t harsh. Because really, when has it ever been about me? When has life been made for me? The words are real, the truth is clear. Your love is not for me. Your love is to me, but it is for Christ. Love was not meant to be about me, but meant for the glory of Christ. The swings sway gently in the breeze. We stand just two among many. Your words wrap around me, and love is made more real. Because love is more than acceptance, and love is deeper than me.

This love only comes from Christ, and must be loved for Him. I look to the man I’m standing beside. I look the sky, and then to my feet. My heart beats faster, and not because I’m scared. It’s beating faster because loving another is so much deeper than the world portrays it. Loving another is really loving Christ. I take his hand and confidently say, “I’ll love you not for you, but I’ll love you for Christ.”



3 thoughts on “Love Me Not For Me

  1. Thank you for this article. Recently, God’s been teaching me about what love really is, and it’s so beautiful. Everything you said described what He has shown me. Kind of excited about it now!

    1. Your comment is so encouraging, Naomi! Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and following my blog. I am so glad that you were able to read something that reminded you of what God is already teaching you. How neat!;)

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