A Silent Thank You to a Woman of God


Tonight, I am writing to someone specific. I have a name in my mind. Someone who I love dearly. Someone who I see live faithfully every day and I see her smile. I witness her love for others. I see her Bible opened and her candle is lit. The scent is her piece of home. She is living for God in the quiet way that is honorable and true. She does not blast her life for all to see, she is a gentle walker. A helping hand at just the right time. A bright smile to help her friend through the day. A strategically placed note to encourage this little heart of mine. I see her every day and my heart says thank you. Thank you for your gentle spirit, your heart of service, your endurance of trials, your attitude towards others, your consistent desire to involve your love in the lives of others.

I cannot say that I have been a woman like this. Faithful in the every day moments. I cannot say that I have walked with a quiet consistence. I see you struggle. I know you fail, every day you fail. But I see you live for God and by your life, I can hear your heart attitude. So you walk by, and I say a silent thank you. I can see you living for Christ and I am so thankful for the message that you are sending to the girls younger than you.

Live for God.

Walk faithfully.

Smile joyfully.

Give often.

That’s the message that you are giving every day and I commend you. My friend, you are a nameless woman to many, but I know you. And I thank you for your walking so gently, so faithfully, and so lovingly.

I titled this post with your name, but I will backspace those letters…because this blog post is a silent thank you. Sometime, in the next 24 hours, I will tell you to read it and I will personally thank you for your steadfastness in the Lord.

My friend, you are a woman of God. Stay strong in Him. A silent thank you has been sent your way more than once. I thought you should know.

Thank you for living for God.


2 thoughts on “A Silent Thank You to a Woman of God

  1. Though this was written for someone else, it is a special blessing, Sierra! It met me right where I am,,,a confirmation that even though I am this age, kids grown and mostly gone, that what I do and who I am still matters… i have been wondering if God still sees me…this was like a warm hug from God! Thank you, Sierra…Lord bless you and make His face to shine up you! Love, Suzy

    1. I am so thankful that these words encouraged you! God still sees you. He never stopped loving you. He is pleased with your faithfulness. He will never leave you and He clearly knew that you needed these words yesterday. What a great God we serve, Suzy!

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