The Young Wife Journal

Subject: Playing Hostess

Am I a housewife? Or just a girl playing house? I have not yet untangled the two or decided which one accurately describes me. My mind reaches far back to the time I took mud cookies from the wooden oven in our playhouse. I shuffled them off the cooking sheet with the dust pan and rushed around like a busy woman, because I was a homemaker and I was also 16. And every little girl knows that 16 is the absolute age that defines you as a woman. At least that is how our child-like minds think. We may even be right.

Even so, little girls hardly ever think they will make it to 16 years old! It seems so far away, but here I am 4 years past the oh-so-desired 16, and I have a perplexing thought to share with that little girl who used to play house with her sisters every day for many years. There is just one thing that I am certain no little girl thinks of when she’s pulling out mud cookies for the guests that are coming over for dinner. This particular thought will never even cross her mind after she grows out of the playing house stage. And the thought is simply this,

If your guests are to arrive at any minute and you have to go to the bathroom, do you rush to use the bathroom and risk the chance of not being able to welcome your guests or do you wait until a more opportune moment during the evening?”

Well, I still don’t know the correct answer. But I chose to wait.

And next time, I think I just might risk it.


Welcome to my newest blog series! You just read the first entry. To see what this is all about, click here.


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