Home Improvements + Ordinary Life

I haven’t given a general update on life in quite some time. The last one happened to be in October! OCTOBER, people! So, it’s time we got around to it again.

My husband and I have made numerous improvements to our home since I shared a post in June. Our bedroom is still quite the work in progress, but our living room is looking even better than it did before. We added some red curtains & plan to put a corner bookshelf where the radio is right now. We will also be hanging some pictures (hopefully our official wedding pics that are coming soon!) on that wall since there are some paint mess-ups that we have just chosen to ignore. Just get over the funny angle of this picture! Focus on the awesome red curtains AND the new door that Ben stained and installed.


This door is not a regular door. I like to think of it as an accordion door. It takes up much less space, yet enhances our small space at the same time. WIN/WIN. Here is a closer look:


We also added some white curtains to the mix. Now we don’t feel like we are being stared at from all corners! I am also expertly cropping out our entertainment area which currently looks tacky. It’s on my to-do list. Creative ideas, anyone? A huge ole flat screen with small wall space makes for an interesting mix!


And my sister-in-law also painted us a canvas with one of my all-time favorite quotes on it. It proudly hangs on our wall above the tacky entertainment center!


Aside from home improvements, Ben has stayed very busy with work & I have stayed busy doing all those house things, as well as writing on my blog, editing my first book & working on a secret project that I will eventually share through Down Cottonwood Lane.

When I’m not working or writing, you can find me spending time with our little puppy, or at least making sure he isn’t getting into any trouble (a part-time job, I assure you).



tea & puppy

Or you can find Ben and I running in for Dutch Bros. on Two Stamp Tuesday!! OK, we don’t go every week, but it’s sure yummy when we do! And my husband is amazing ,and without my asking, orders me a Large at such times that he believes I could use one. Surviving this week’s morning migraine was one of those times! And the migraine happened to be on a Tuesday so it was a WIN/WIN.


I just acquired my library card and have come home with multiple books. So our evenings at home have currently included spending time together while we read! And I guess our dog somehow wiggles in there too.


My husband surprised me with happy “I love you” balloons and chamomile tea. I already knew he was keeper, but he keeps telling me over & over with his actions {:)}.


And the last bit of news to share with you is that I finally got my ducks in a row & sent A Pygmy’s Life for Me off to a potential publisher. There is no guarantee that it will be published by them, but I will hear back in about 4 months! I am perfectly fine with rejection, even if it happens multiple times. I’m just excited to be moving forward in the publishing process & I can’t wait to put a real-life book in your hands!


I will try to do general updates at least once a month, especially now that Ben and I have really settled in & are finding a solid routine (yay!). Can’t wait to share with you my recent writing project. I will probably only officially share it once through this blog, so stay tuned!

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Until next week, folks!


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