My Wedding Day Story

1. What did you feel like when you woke up on the morning of your wedding?

I felt happy! I also felt normal, it was just like another day…except I was getting married! I showered and had some time to myself to pray and then I made myself some mint tea. And that was really nice. I was getting married in our backyard, so I was able to stay at the house all day & I wasn’t getting married until 7pm! πŸ™‚


My brother sat on the couch and I sat in the recliner, and while I sipped my tea—we did some talking. “You know Bodie, a wedding day feels just like any other day, except you are getting married…..and whoever said you won’t be hungry on your wedding day doesn’t know what they are talking about.” Well, I did most the talking! hahaha

Handing Ben my suitcases for the honeymoon was another vivid memory. Him packing up the truck with our stuff made it all so much more real! I was like “I’m leaving tonight, and I get to be with him. This is really happening.”

2. Was there any point before the wedding ceremony that just really stressed you inside out?

Yes. Twice that I can remember, but I worked to keep it in. My sisters did the expressing for me! HA. My photographer was 2 hours later than expected. I was getting nervous and unsure what would happen there & then someone came in our bedroom to tell us that we didn’t have butter for the popcorn. Well, popcorn was the only food I was serving aside from cupcakes! YIKES. But it all worked out. Totally worked out. My photographer came and took magnificent pictures. I love her work! And butter was found and the popcorn at the reception was a huge hit.


3. What moment do you most clearly remember about the wedding day?

When “I Love You Lord played before we said our vows. The chorus has been somewhat of a theme song for me this year and I so badly wanted our vows to glorify God— and not only our vows, but our lives too. It was the only time I came close to crying during the ceremony. It was so special to pray silently to God before pledging my life to my Love.

And oh dear, on the funny side of things—- trying to braid the 3 ribbons in the wind. The braiding was for our unity ceremony and trying to get those ribbons under control was funny! Ben and I shared many laughs as did the guests. And then I gave him a high five when it was all over, because, alas—we succeeded! So much for the sweet unity ceremony! πŸ™‚


4. What people/person made the most impact on your day and why?

The many, many church members who jumped in to help make the wedding day happen. I don’t know how women get married & have successful weddings without the help of a loving church! WOW. I had so many ladies from church cleaning the house, helping with flower arrangements, and decorating for the ceremony & reception. They did things I still don’t even know about!

It felt incredible to be surrounded by so many willing women and so many happy hearts. I just wanted to help too and watch them vacuum and clean toilets, because it was so special. But the bridesmaids were right, I needed to get ready! hahahaha πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The bridesmaids practically did everything for me from makeup to hair to nails. I remember looking in the mirror being shocked at my reflection and thinking “I wouldn’t change a thing.” My bridesmaids= fairy godmothers!

This is the work of church family and friends!
(above) This is the work of church family and friends! Even the cake was made by a lady in my church. Best cake ever!!!
5. What was the hardest part of the wedding day?

One of the hardest parts was just the uncertainty of the spring wind. We knew it was going to be windy, though not unbearably so. I’m glad I was inside most the day and couldn’t evaluate and re-evaluate if the wind would be bad or not.

Ultimately, it was windier than anyone would have preferred, but the wind made from some awesome pictures and it wasn’t unbearable! God had the wind planned into the day and the sand wasn’t kicking up a dust storm. Some people will remember the wedding for the wind, but that’s OK. God allowed me to get married outside, in my backyard, the mountains in the background, and my bare feet comfortable in the sand! I’m thankful God gave us an outside wedding.

A guest's view of the kiss :)
(above) A guest’s view of the kiss πŸ™‚Β  (below) The photographer’s view of the kiss.

And I guess it wasn't too windy for the kiss! :)

6. Aside from marrying your husband, what made the day really special to you?

How many people came and gave their time, their hugs, their congratulations, and laughter. It was a simple wedding in so many ways, but the people really made it magical! Seeing the kids run after glow sticks, watching adults eat popcorn as they laughed, posing in pictures for the disposable cameras that were handed to guests, and making all the rounds to say thank you was such a wonderful experience! It was simple and comfortable.

7. What memory do you have from the day that you hope you keep forever?

Oh definitely after the ceremony was over and Ben and I went to take a few more pictures at sunset with our photographer. “We’re married! We’re married! We’re married!” And then Ben unexpectedly picked me up and spun me around at sunset, and the relief and joyful abandon that I felt is unmatched to anything I’ve ever felt before. It was the best twirl of my life!

It was the most magical moment spent between us two during the wedding day and I journaled about it later. I had almost hoped that our photographer didn’t capture the moment on camera, because it was so special and intimate—but I’m SO glad she did! Those are the pictures that hold the most meaning to me.


8. If you could give a girl any kind of advice about the wedding day, what would you say to her?

Your wedding day will be different than any other wedding day that has ever been. Don’t go into it with lofty expectations. Things will go right. And things will go wrong. Respond correctly, and enjoy it. It’s a day and it truly feels like any other day, except you’re getting married!

Have people you trust coordinating details and organize it so your family doesn’t end up doing all the clean-up! They’ve had a long day too, your parents and siblings probably just want to rest. The day has been emotionally demanding for them.

So set up ways that the work doesn’t completely fall on their shoulders and then ride off in that honeymoon car ( a truck in our case) and just forget about the mess you’re leaving behind and enjoy that you are with your husband ALONE and the wedding day is OVER. You get to wake up the next day beside your husband with no wedding plans on the horizon. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Something to Consider:

Don’t go on any social media sites for at least 3+ days after you are married (longer if you can help it)! Simply enjoy being together where no one else can bother you. And then take time to sit together and recount the wedding day & all the little things you remember. Ben and I filled up several notebook pages with quotes from people, memories, and feelings we had from the day. It’s so special to look back on.

Β It’s wonderful to have pictures from the wedding day, but it adds to the wonder when you have memories written out! The fun part is that most of our written memoriesΒ  have everything to do with other people &Β  not much at all to do with us. That’s because people make the wedding day magical. I am 100% sure of that.Β  Don’t worry about the perfect dress, the perfect veil, the perfect wedding look, the perfect anything. Be with the people. Enjoy the people. They bring the magic.




Love, Marriage, and Kindness

Β It’s Not about the Bride (written a few days after our wedding)

Marriage Isn’t Boring (for all the naysayers out there!)


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