All Her Life


All her life,  she was told that she was important, that she should be herself, that she was the most beautiful her that could ever be. All her life, she was surrounded by the cheers to “Be YOU Forever! Never change! You’re significant!”

All her life, she only heard about herself—everything she was, all she could be, the world that she could offer, the love that she deserved, the following that she could influence. All her life, she was told JUST BE YOU.

So, that’s what she did.

She moved through each day influencing crowds, persuading others of their worth–but she used her persuasion to gain a following. In fact, she didn’t really tell others of their worth for their benefit, she did so for her own. Because the more people she persuaded, the more would follow her.

She was content with the world she created around herself. She trained her eyes downward so she could walk forward. She lived completely inward, but shouted life outward.

She was good at believing in herself, at becoming the best her, at being the beautiful everyone told her she was. She spent all her life acting out what society told her to be.

She lived consumed with her own heart that she missed every other person surrounding her. She ignored them, because she was too busy finding herself. She was caught up.

Be yourself.  Love yourself. Do life for you and no one else.

The saddest part of all is that she didn’t even realize it was happening. And her young hands became old hands.

And all her life, she never once thought that someone else was significant too. She was so wrapped up in herself that she touched no lives, but only embraced them to gain something from them. She never once looked at other people and saw their worth.

She only saw herself and was deep in the process of convincing her mind of her own worth. She only knew her own heart with the joy and pain it endured. She only cared about believing she was beautiful. She only wanted to be authentically her, and never cared to know anyone else just as real, just as intriguing.

All her life, she believed she deserved the best. The vice of society wrapped tight around her neck, and she believed every word it whispered in her ear.

She gained nothing and somehow lost everything.

Old hands.

Lonely hands.

Empty hands.


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