BIG News!

This will be a QUICK post!


  • First of all, I’ve noticed in my personal life that I’ve been over-loaded with information—needless, loud, noisy, useless information. What does this mean for me? This means I’m limiting how much time I spend on social media, reading the news, and enjoying all the lovely updates from my friends!

I’m not down in the dumps or anything! But I’ve just noticed this cumbersome load in my spirit & I know I just need to spend less time involved in the noisy informational world! So, I’ll stay on long enough to blog, schedule, interact, write—and then BAM I’m off the social media!


Small steps forward make you feel like nothing is happening at all. And then one day, you come across a bigger step. It’s not the huge one, but it’s not small either. And you realize, you had to take all the millions of little steps just to arrive here. And it was worth it! So that’s where I’m at—my first column!


photo: Marissa Tanis Photography | graphics: LYWTH

I honestly look forward to sharing my heart & life with a new community and I know that God will teach me so much through this opportunity. The shiny will wear off and it will get long. Some weeks it will be hard to know what to write and sometimes I won’t feel like writing at all–but that’s when I’ll learn the most. And I’m thrilled about that! So, check out Leading Young Women to Hope ministries & every Wednesday a new article of mine will be shared. πŸ™‚


  • I’m hoping my next blog post shared here will be 7 Things I’ve Learned about Blogging (or something like that). So, definitely check back here for that one! In the last 5 months or so, I’ve had several friends begin blogs, and ask me lots of questions as they embarked on their own journey. It’s made me think about the things I’ve learned since beginning 3 years ago. And while I’m not a pro, I definitely wanted to share some of my thoughts with this community.

Thank you all for letting my share my life with you! This blog has been my bridge to many life lessons and a way for me to connect my emotions & thoughts to words. I’ve enjoyed this space so much, and you all have made it so much more enjoyable.


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