5 Thoughts for Thursday

I won’t pretend that writing for this Thursday’s post has been easy. Every writer hits writer’s block, am I right?! As I pushed through the writer’s block, I found myself writing a list of things I have learned in the recent past. Some of the lessons took awhile to learn. Some of the lessons were hard to learn, but all of them were worth the struggle it took to learn them!


I just want to share 5 of the lessons that I have learned in the last 5 years. I’m a different woman than I was at 17, and that’s a good thing!

1. People don’t sit around waiting for your social media updates.

Well, DUH…I mean, doesn’t everyone know that? OK, maybe. But here’s the thing, it’s very easy to get caught into the illusion that people love what you have to say and want to hear you say it all the time. DING DING DING! Here’s a wake-up call for you……You are not #1. You are not the most popular person in the world.

People may really like your social media updates, but they aren’t waiting around for you to post them. Don’t get so caught up in yourself.

2. You are limited. In other words, YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL.

You have one body, and that body starts dying as soon as you are born. Yup. I’m being extremely blunt, but you can’t do it all. You have limitations and these limitations are not bad, but you need to start listening to them and living accordingly. Does your body need sleep? Should you say NO to that activity because you are sick? Should you stay home from work because your body is fighting something contagious?

Look, some people can be babies about these things and they just have to learn to “buck up”. But there are those of us who try to do too much all the time. We have to learn when to say no, and then we have to say it and take care of our bodies.

3. You will let some dreams & aspirations go.

This doesn’t mean that all your dreams are trashed or that you won’t accomplish many of your goals. It just means that you have ONE life. Just one. So there are dreams and desires that you just won’t be able to complete. And that’s OK.

By saying yes to a pathway in life, you say no to a hundred other things. This is hard. When you have youth, you feel like the world is at your fingertips and why shouldn’t you be able to do it all?! However, it is not long before you realize that you won’t be able to do it all.

The many things you said no to will feel like a loss, but remember what you said yes to and oh how that is such a gift! Enjoy the yes, and let go of the nos.

4. Some friendships are hard, but the wounds are worth it.

There are some relationships you have on this earth that are just hard. I am not referring to abusive relationships, rather the friendships that (for some reason) are full of constant misunderstandings and hurt feelings. It’s not just the other person causing the hurt, but you as well. Some relationships are just plain hard. You love each other dearly, but your bond is constantly put under fire.

These wounds are worth the fight, energy, and effort that keeps your friendship together. Don’t give up, because it’s hard. Every misunderstanding an hurt feeling when resolved correctly makes your friendship stronger. It will hurt, but it’s worth it!

5. Learn how to genuinely share in the joy of others. 

You will lead a miserable life if you don’t learn how to take part in the joy of family and friends. Sometimes their joy opens old wounds, but learn how to share in their joy despite the ache it may awaken in you. Learn when you ache because of life wounds and learn when you ache because of jealousy and envy.

If the first, turn to God and hide beneath His wings. Pray for the strength to share in the joy. Pray for the sincerity to smile at their happiness. If the second, ask God for forgiveness. Rest in His love and become broken again. Pray for humility and then take part in the joy.

What are some things that you have learned in the last 5 years? Leave them in the comments!

Let me just say that growing up is awesome. It’s not always painted in a good light. Adults want you to believe all sorts of lies about how horrible it is, but if I never grew up then I would have never learned these things. And if I still acted in some of these ways, I would be living childish. There is almost nothing worse than watching a 20-something act like a child!

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Grow up, folks. Recognize your progress & don’t give up!


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