Dear Broken Woman

Dear battered, bruised and broken woman—

This is your place and I know that hurts to hear. You may feel very stuck, very left behind, and extremely alone. This is a hard and thorny valley. All your friends may be getting married, having babies, and reaching milestones you thought you’d have long passed by now. This hard place feels like forever.

Do not despair.


Has anyone told your recently that the position you are in right now—single, barren, or broken—does not make you any less of a woman? Has anyone told you that you are not behind in life because you haven’t passed the stages we foolishly place on ourselves?

Has anyone reminded you that your worth isn’t based on what you have or what you accomplished? Has anyone taken the time to tell you that you are a woman–full & beautiful—with or without a husband, baby, or a “put-together” life.

The feelings we face can often stem from the lies we believe so easily, so ardently. It is a lie to believe that you need a husband to be a complete person. It is a lie to believe that you are a failure because you are unable to conceive. It is a lie to believe that you are less of a woman because you don’t have the things that society says you should have by now.

You feel loss, because there is loss to be felt.


Don’t feel that loss to grow bitter. Do not feel loss to relish in self-pity. Feel loss to remember your utter, consuming need for Christ. Let loss, grief, and insufficiency pull you to your knees, spring tears from your eyes, as you fall into the shadow of God’s wings—the only true healer of your bruised, battered heart.

This is a tiring season, a time of sorrow for many, harsh heartbreak, and endless grief, but you are a complete woman in Christ. In Christ you are complete! You have completeness as God’s daughter. How many more ways can I say it? How much louder must I shout it?

Until you believe it….until you believe it!

And I don’t know your pain, but I do know your Healer. I have been learning that God is a sufficient Answer for life’s biggest problems. Do not look for the solution in yourself, in humanity, in the surface answer that satisfies for a time. Look to God. Know Him. Study Him. Draw near to Him.

Oh dear, broken woman….

you are a complete woman in Christ.

You can worship God and cry at the same time. So….do not be afraid to cry, but cry out to God. Seek Him through the tears. Know Him through the sorrow. Learn about His love through the pain. Embrace His comfort through the loss.

You are not the lone woman on the bottom rung of society—left behind or forgotten. You are God’s daughter…precious in His sight…thought about every day…pursued by Him every hour…and so very complete in Christ.

Today, I do not know your pain, the ache that keeps you up at night….but I do know your Healer. He is God and He is with you.




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9 thoughts on “Dear Broken Woman

  1. Thank you for this. I counseled at Ironwood for 2 summers and met my spouse there. He had an affair and left me for her and I have felt so broken and left behind. I no longer belong in any social groups I used to belong to because he divorced me. Your blog spoke truth to my heart. Thank you!!!!

    1. Melissa, this is hard to hear…but I am so thankful that your heart was encouraged. I have been struggling through some hard things recently…feelings of being left behind are overwhelming…aren’t you glad we have a God who heals? A God in which there is no such thing as left behind! THANK YOU for sharing with me and encouraging me as we go on our way. In God, we can know healing AND rest! I will be praying for you by name as you continue to seek God in this desolate place.

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