Hi, I’m Sierra

You may not feel like you know me all that well. Yes, I write transparent posts. Yes, I open about issues that I’ve struggled with and I’m not tight-mouthed about my problems. You do know quite a few sides to me.

But it occurred to me last weekend that I’ve been so busy writing, “connecting”, scheduling, and posting that you may feel lost in the shuffle or simply tired of listening. Who is this girl anyway? Should I invest in this community or take my time to read her words? All good questions.

So, I’m taking today to say, Hi, I’m Sierra.

This is my name, but I’m not making a name for myself.


Hi, I’m Sierra.

I’m not writing to go viral. I’m not writing to become the great Christian voice of our generation. I’m not shooting for 1 million readers, and I’m certainly not writing to paint a “holier than thou” picture of myself.

Hi, I’m Sierra.

I’m broken. I’m absolutely flawed. I write about things I’m still trying to apply to my own life! If I write something that sounds wise, it’s not because I’m wise at heart. I have many weaknesses and sharing my thoughts doesn’t mean I have it figured out. It means I’m growing & failing +growing & winning.

Basically, I’m growing.

Hi, I’m Sierra.

I don’t share all my opinions, because some things just don’t need to be plastered all over the internet. I don’t want you to feel small or smashed by me. You can bet I will talk about my hope in Christ, but there are so many life things I just won’t discuss here.

Meet me in person, and we’ll talk!

Hi, I’m Sierra.

I continue to write because I am burdened to encourage and exhort my peers through truth & transparency. I want to take all the women my age and speak with them, but I can’t do that. Not really. So, I write. I write often. I write with the hope that I can connect virtually with people I may never meet.  I desire to make real connections that last.

Hi, I’m Sierra

I’m not going to talk about every messy part of my life. You won’t get the inside scoop on all my ugly. There is great value to the privacy of my heart, the intimacy of my marriage, and the growth of my womanhood. But in saying this…please know that when I can, I’ll be transparent. When the time is right, I’ll open up. When God presses upon me a burden to share, I’ll share.

Not for fame

or popularity

or recognition.

But for you...because you may just need to read the words I’ve been burdened to write.

Hi, I’m Sierra.

I have a Facebook page and sometimes I write statuses that may sound good. It may seem like I’m a “together” kind of person. But the truth is that I’m working hard to be kind, to love others, to do what I am called to do. I want my Facebook page to be encouraging for you. I want it to be the one thing that never makes you cringe when you’re scrolling through the ever-interesting Facebook world. The Facebook page is there to make it easier for everyone to find my blog. It’s there to help you. 🙂

Hi, I’m Sierra.

My life is just as imperfect as yours. Sure, I have a blog. Sure, I have a Facebook page. It might even look great on the surface, but you guys, I’m just a woman--growing up, experiencing pain, falling hard, finding grace, knowing love, failing often, winning some, unkind yet seeking kindness, and learning both how to give and receive love.

I’m writing so you can see that you’re not alone.

And not just because I’m here cheering you on and helping you move forward, but because God is with us–giving grace, love, and patience as we fumble through our womanhood.

Hi, I’m Sierra.

a young woman

who writes a blog

because she wants you

to see God’s grace story

in her life.

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