He Paid for My Vapor

I have heard many times that my life is but a vapor. Go outside into the crisp fresh air and exhale. That’s it. That’s all you get.

One little stream of vapor, appearing for a second and then gone forever.


But I think the more sobering truth is that God sent His Son to die for my vapor. He sent His only Son to lay down life for me. Me who has a small vapor of time to live. Me who in that small vapor of life will go my own way and do my own thing. Yet God saw value in my life, no matter how short, and was willing to love me in the most sacrificial way.

He paid for my vapor.

With God’s Son on the cross, taking my sin, your sin, and the sin of all mankind upon Himself…He died so that we might live if only we believe in Him. And then after this horrific, inexplicable death, God’s Son (Jesus Christ) rose again on the third day bringing hope to us all!

My vapor—this exhale of life— is completely paid for.

And this is what brings urgency to my heart.

It is not only that I have one short life to live, but that this one short life was paid for on the cross, was given hope from the grave on the third day, and is promised an eternal inheritance far greater than I can even understand!

My life on earth isn’t getting any longer. I have a vapor, and I’ve already lived 21 years of it and who knows how many more I have left. In the grand scheme of things, my vapor is almost gone. My exhale has almost vanished. Even if I live to 100, I am still 21 years down. Of those 21 years, I can speak of 6 that have been in earnest pursuit of God. And they have been the best 6 years.

So far, only a tiny fraction of my vapor has been used well for Christ, and I don’t have much vapor left. I am sobered not because my vapor is short and I must use it well….but because God paid for my short vapor, and I absolutely must live it for Him.

The most dangerous part of my life right now is that my surroundings are so comfortable. I can easily get lost in the comfort of my home, my family, my well-being ect…but the moment I succumb to mediocrity is the moment I am in the most danger.

I am nothing, have nothing, and can do nothing without Christ. This comfortable place I know so well can become what blinds me. And when I am blinded, I start to lazily live my vapor.

This short vapor that has life is because of Christ.

I think that many of us tend to live our vapors in laziness. We have no sense of urgency. Our passion for Christ is dulled by our comfort. Our zeal to live for Him is cut off with our lazy, apathetic thirst for God.

So I’m asking you to look at your heart. I’m asking you to see your vapor. I’m asking you to exhale.

You see that?

It’s all you get.

And God paid the greatest price so that you could have life in it. Your vapor is paid for. How are you living it? What do you need to change?



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