A Time to Laugh | 2017

As long as I was in high school, I wrote things to work through them. I wrote through feelings, confusion, heartache, unrest, and disappointment. My words were dominated by an overall sadness. I was growing through some very hard personal things and I expressed that growth through words. The words helped me break through some difficult questions!

I’m not proud of everything I wrote or felt or said, but I can’t change it. And I wouldn’t wish to! It’s amazing how God heals our hearts & helps us grow through everything.


I’m just so happy to be here and to have grown past most of the darkness that dominated months of my life. Having let go of the defining struggle of chronic pain, I have found so much understanding and freedom!

So, as I usher in 2017, the word I’ve chosen for this blog is LAUGHTER. I have spent so much time writing through hard things while trying to make sense of deep things that I have neglected to have fun, to enjoy the light-hearted happiness that we can know because we are children of God. There won’t always be happiness in our lives, and we all know that.

Life is hard and it’s full of tough things that are hard to address. But it’s also full of humor, happiness, ridiculous adventures, and the steady joy of Christ that sometimes comes out in LAUGHTER…in simply enjoying all that’s in front of us.

It is time for me to laugh. It is time for me to laugh with you.  It is time for us to laugh together!


I shared Red & Green Ones last week as the introduction to my new goal of LAUGHTER. It was so fun to write down the experience and to have something fun & light-hearted to look back on. What a fun story to tell…what a gift from God to enjoy something so humorously unfortunate.

I want to enjoy life. I want my words to break through and express the joy I have inside because of Christ. I can only laugh in freedom, because I am secure, safe, and held in Christ. Laughter is made great because I’m not worried about life after death or the seemingly uncontrolled rage in the world. God’s love makes laughing easy. If that doesn’t make sense right now, it will by the end of the year!


How often we get lost in the darkness of the world, in the growth we still have before us, in the confusing feelings inside that we forget to enjoy life simply because God has allowed us to live it….and there is so much to live!

God created laughter and it only makes sense that it can be done for His glory. I have never given LAUGHTER a place on this blog. So, I’m learning how to write humor. I’m learning how to invoke laughter, how to write stories in a way that makes us enjoy the fact that we are alive!


Of course, there will still be serious & thought-provoking posts about life, but guys, we have to laugh. We just have to buckle down and choose to enjoy the good stuff, the funny stuff, the humorous mistakes, situations, and places that have us laughing and enjoying this God-given LIFE.

It’s high-time for laughter on this blog.

I’m sure the next 360+ days will bring—

some sadness

some wonder

some hardness

some excitement

some happiness


And I wonder what we will have laughed about when Year 2017 closes.

I can’t wait to find out.

I can’t wait to record it.

Go & read Red & Green Ones! You’ll either laugh at our misfortune or be really, really glad it wasn’t you!


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