The Secret Project

I reveal some exciting news in just one week!

For the last half of December, I was able to slowly formulate something new, fresh, and different from my usual style of writing. As January approached, I began creating something very uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable simply because it was such an unusual writing style for me. It took concentrated effort, and I’m still learning.

This all sounds rather mysterious, I know. Let me give you some background for why I’m doing this project.


The farther I got into January, the more frustrated I became with young women bloggers. They all began to sound the same to me, and while I certainly can’t judge their motives or their blogs (they have some great content!), I became certain that the blogging community needed to be a part of something new & fresh, something that even children could take part in. By February, I was convinced that there were better ways to share life lessons + truth than in the normal ways that are getting quite stale (my blog included!).

Aside form that, I needed to make myself learn to do something different. I needed to push myself to do something uncomfortable….like illustrating (which I’ve begun to LOVE!), as well as writing humorously which you’ve seen often in my marriage chronicles. This top secret project takes all of this one step further.

Last month, I told my sisters about my frustration with bloggers. We had some very healthy discussions about all of it! I’m so thankful for them. I revealed the project I was hoping to pursue, and my siblings pushed & encouraged me to go after it. My husband agreed to do some illustrating, and so I was well on my way to achieving this secret project! I have had some of the greatest fun creating this new world. It feels so different, since I’ve been exploring new ways to write and express my heart in disguise, while also incorporating loads & loads of fun.

side note: I think that’s what we are missing in the blogging community….loads & loads of honest fun! Fun we can experience together, fun that teaches even as it makes us laugh.

As next week rolls on by, I get to share with you what I’ve been working on for the past 2 months. I’ve slowly created a place for all of us to come together and experience laughter, fun, and life. You may not get the whole picture when the project is revealed, but as time passes, you will see what I’m doing & I hope you’ll be encouraged as you stay involved with this new experiment!


Now, I must take a moment to warn you:

The project reveal will be abrupt. I won’t take time to explain it to you. I’ve already given you some background, as well as reasons to anticipate this new journey. It’s your turn to pay attention, jump on, and fly with it when our new world is published next Thursday on Cottonwood Lane!


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