Betha Bee and School Daydreams

Betha Bee was as happy as Betha Bee could be. Today was Saturday. No Miss Lemon. No math problems. No breakable chalk. No wooden desks in an outdated school room. It was Saturday, the free day.

Waking up on the free day sure felt good. She was going to spend time with Bobby Blue and Funny Sunny accomplishing all the daydreams they had thought up in class for the last 5 days of school. These daydreams included intrigue, mystery, secrets, and adventure! Everything that long-winded school classes make you think about.

She was meeting her friends in the 5-tree forest, and since this is not a book and cannot possibly contain all the information needed, you will just have to imagine the route in which Betha Bee chose to take!


AT LAST! Betha Bee sat on her favorite rock in the 5-tree forest and waited for her friends. Bobby Blue arrived first. His footprints were long swooshes on the ground because he dragged his feet when he walked. Funny Sunny came bounding up as fast as a roadrunner. She was full of energy.

They sat in the 5-tree forest and discussed what school daydreams they were going to conquer when suddenly a herd of mismatched animals came tromping through their secret forest of friendship! The daydream had been decided for them. Zig-Zagging through the sparse forest, the three friends did their best to out run the pack of mismatched animals









But no snakes (snakes were nightmares for Betha and her friends…not daydreams). 

The mismatched animals came thundering behind...faster….faster…faster….until Betha Bee ran out of breath and stopped abruptly causing Funny Sunny and Bobby Blue to stop…trip…and splat! Betha Bee couldn’t run very fast for very long.

As the three brave friends awaited their fate, they heard an Elephant ask, “Do you remember what Miss Lemon was saying about our history assignment?” And the bunny piped up, “No, but I think we were supposed to read pages 134 to…..ummm….to…..” And the mice squeaked in unison, “To 140?!” But they didn’t sound convinced of this knowledge.

And the Pig oinked about a quiz on Monday and the Hippo started crying! Betha turned to her exhausted friends and exclaimed, “Our daydream has been compromised! Somehow the school assignments tried to get in our brains before our daydreams could finish! How are we supposed to have an adventure when our minds are preoccupied with school things?”

Of the three, Bobby Blue had the ultimate power to banish a daydream when it was compromised by anything. School-related interruptions were the worst enemy. Sunny looked at Bobby perplexed and waited for his decision. He just had to banish this daydream adventure because they were now thinking about school!

And when you daydream, you should never, ever, ever think about school.

Bobby Blue looked at the mismatched animals and exclaimed, “I hereby banish you from this forest! You have a chance on Monday to redeem yourself. Stay a daydream or stay away!”

Just like that the elephants, tigers, pigs, bunnies, lions, hippos, and mice disappeard from the 5-tree forest. Something became incredibly clear to Bobby when the daydream full of animals vanished into thin air.

“SUNNY!” he thundered! “Did you pass by the schoolhouse on your way to this forest?” Funny Sunny looked sheepish. She was always getting into scrapes. And Sunny answered honestly (she told the truth no matter what!), “I did. I ran by it really fast, but I did see it!”

Bobby Blue hung his head and Betha Bee’s mouth dropped open! “Don’t you know that on the free day (also known as Saturday), you CANNOT pass by the schoolhouse or Miss Lemon for fear that we will be reminded of our academic responsibilities?!”

Funny Sunny nodded and smiled while simultaneously being apologetic for her mistake. She had jeopardized the daydreams, and daydreams won’t stick when responsibilities come flooding in.

They all sat in the forest for quite sometime, but thoughts of history assignments (was it 134-140?) and school quizzes continued to bombard their thoughts.

At least there weren’t any tests on Monday! 

Still there was no more hope for this Saturday! They could only cure the daydream problem by finishing their homework so they could banish it from their mind. So, they walked home to do their work.

Funny Sunny made sure to close her eyes real tight when she walked by the school.

And Miss Lemon thought (once again) how odd her young students were. She turned to the chalkboard and erased Friday’s assignment:  Rd Pages 134-144 & be prepared for a TEST! 

Email Betha Bee with any ideas, adventures, or questions you have for her! 

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