Betha Bee Isn’t the Best

It is the tendency of all people to think they are the best of the best at all things, in every way with no exceptions. And this tendency plagued Betha Bee very much. She knew she wasn’t good at math. That was a given! She knew her nose was simply not the prettiest. Also, a given! But in all other areas, Betha Bee had the tendency to believe she was simply the best of the best.

We find the 3 friends in the 5-Tree Forrest of friendship. There was another little sprout of a tree trying to grow up past its roots, but it never got very far. Bobby Blue’s swooshing steps always seemed to take it out when it finally saw the light of day.

SWOOSH. SWOOSH…and he just did it again!

This place was destined to be the 5 Tree-Forrest forever. “So what are our plans today?” grunted Bobby Blue. Funny Sunny began to answer, but Betha Bee in all her supposed glory, cut in. “Well, I was thinking we could go by the lake again and fix up that old canoe.” Sunny hesitantly replied, “I think instead we should….” “I DON’T THINK SO!” shouted Betha before Sunny could finish.


Oh, I suppose you are thinking how mean Betha Bee must be to shout this, but let me tell you that interrupting your friends can sound quiet, but have the effect of loud shouting. This was the case for Betha’s rude interruption. Sunny looked down quickly and afraid to be interrupted again decided to keep quiet. Betha Bee accomplished her victory in carelessness.

Bobby Blue knew that Betha often had the last word anyway, so he just went along with whatever in the world she suggested…even if he did so with gallons of sour milk and trudging feet! Sunny reluctantly trailed behind Betha Bee. When they made it to the lake, they found the canoe (which by the way, was very dismayed to see the 3 hoodlums again).

Betha organized the search for all the materials that would be needed for patching up an old, ornery canoe. Materials such as bark, sticks, long blades of grass that could be used as twine, and piles of bushes to stuff in the cracks…ect & so forth. Sunny knew that this wasn’t going to work. Sunny knew that if they were going to ever use this canoe again, they would have to go back into town to gather the proper supplies to patch up a boat….like duct tape. Don’t you know duct tape and WD40 can fix anything?!

But every time, Funny Sunny tried to tell Betha Bee her concerns, Betha would give a careless shrug and wave off Sunny’s suggestions like they were pesky little flies to be shooed away. Funny Sunny knew that she wasn’t the best at ideas. Sunny knew that she often made a mess of a lot of things. Sunny knew that she was usually not the one with bright ideas, but she really thought that fixing up this canoe with scrappy nature wasn’t going to do the trick.

Betha Bee and Bobby Blue stuffed the holes with bush bunches and wrapped the long grass around to hold it all secure. The miscellaneous pieces of bark were fit in the ornery canoe like puzzle pieces….only when they were finished it looked pieced together by 5 different puzzles altogether! “Oh well!” laughed Betha Bee, because she was confident in her ideas and always felt that they were the best.

She called her friends to all jump in the canoe so they could travel to the other side of the world (ie…the shoreline opposite them). Funny Sunny was determined to have a good time and climbed in the patched up old canoe. Besides, she liked the thought of traveling the world with her two best friends…even if they didn’t always listen to her. “Love stays, anyway”, thought Sunny as she cheered herself up.

By character, Bobby Blue was always the last to join in anything, so he was barely in that old canoe before Betha Bee pushed them from shore with a sturdy stick found in the 5-Tree Forrest. At first, the scrappy nature seemed to be holding the canoe fairly well (although that old thing would never admit to floating well on water!). Betha Bee, quite pleased with herself, gave Funny Sunny a cheeky “I told you so” grin. Betha was sure she had had the best idea once again!

But as soon as that cheeky grin was done, the old ornery canoe was done too! Having been dumped in this very ocean lake just weeks prior, Betha was determined not to let this happen again. Funny Sunny didn’t gloat in being right, but tried very hard to keep all the scrappy nature together. She couldn’t do it and Bobby Blue poured sour milk atop the whole ordeal by not doing anything at all. He just sat like a statue…a big, blue, grumpy statue!

In 45 seconds flat, the three friends found themselves up to the neck in the ocean-lake again! But this time there wasn’t laughter, because Betha Bee knew she had thought herself the best instead of listening to her friend. Betha Bee knew she had probably ruined the chance of ever fixing and using the canoe again. Betha Bee knew she wasn’t the best, even though she often acted like she was.

The three friends heaved their way to the other side of the world and splatted their seaweed soaking wet bodies on the shoreline. Funny Sunny didn’t say a thing as she pulled out the prickly seaweed from her hair.

Betha Bee broke the silence,”I should have listened to your suggestion, Sunny. I didn’t even give you a chance.” Sunny just put her arm around Betha, because true friendship might shake at these things, but it doesn’t break at these things. “It’s alright, Betha. I probably should have spoken up again. I’m not nearly as confident as you are.” “But in this case, much smarter!” laughed Betha Bee.

And Bobby Blue who had been silently observing the entire exchange added fresh milk to the situation by saying, “I guess you’re only capable of getting to the middle of the world when you think you’re the best at everything. I suppose to make it all the way to the other end of the world, you have to know you aren’t the best and you have to listen closely to your friends.” He abruptly stopped there, because he had no more to say and Bobby Blue was a fellow of few words.

Betha Bee nodded, having learned something she didn’t expect to learn today. “Well, maybe we can patch up the old canoe your way tomorrow, Sunny”. Sunny just shook her head, “I don’t think so, Betha.”

“Why ever not?!” Betha Bee exclaimed. “Because….” laughed out Sunny, “LOOK!” And Betha did look. She saw an old, rickety, ornery canoe decked out in tree branches of all shapes and sizes scooting across the lake as fast as a brand new speed boat! No one was in that canoe except for maybe unassuming fish caught through the splintery holes. “I guess it’s glad to be rid of us” giggled Funny Sunny.

And boy, was it ever glad! That old canoe zipped across  the lake-ocean so fast, it didn’t even stop when it hit the shoreline. It zoomed through the meadow, past the 5-Tree Forrest, over the crushed tree sprout, and off into the sunset.

Because folks, a real happily ever after is when an old canoe doesn’t have to be patched up and taken out by a bunch of kids! At least, that’s what the 5-Tree Forrest heard the canoe say when it sped off into the sunset

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