I’m Taking a Break

In 20 seconds, you’re going to see a subscription box pop-up. Put your email address in that perfect little rectangle & push SUBSCRIBE.

Have you done it yet?

Or now?

OK, just do it when you see it! 🙂

Guys, I’m going to say it like it is.

I need a break from blogging.

I have run myself ragged by continuously scheduling, writing, publishing, posting, and communicating. And while I LOVE showing up to share life + encourage all of you, I know that I need to p a u s e. And I need to do so now.


While I quietly work on the October series, and finish up my book, I will be extra silent on the blog. I am so excited to be taking a break from the noise. BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t be writing or sharing reflections.

If you want to hear from me throughout my September pause, YOU CAN! Because I’m assuming that by now, you’ve signed up with your email! I already have a heart talk ready for you (and the photos above are sampling of it) which will also include a brief, but BIG sneak peek into the October series.

This newsletter is my attempt at creating a quiet place to share my words without being able to track how well the “world” is receiving it. I need some time to refresh, reevaluate, and reset. So while I take care of myself, you can read my reflections in the quiet place.

I can’t wait to write directly into your inbox while I purpose to remove the undue pressure I’ve placed on myself. I’ll add more details about this brief, but necessary hiatus in our quiet place.  A big thanks to my sister for suggesting I take a break. Sometimes, people that love you know what you need even when you don’t think you need it. And I’ve finally realized that I need this pause.

I love you guys! I will be back, and October will be lovely with a series that I think is going to be extraordinarily encouraging and insightful. So, until then…let me write to your inbox & I’ll be in touch here soon.


If you missed the pop-up form, (because these things DO bug out from time to time!) & you really want to be a part of this,  just private message me your email address HERE & with your permission, I can add you in manually! Right now, I can only use a pop-up version for the sign-up! Hoping to change that SOON! 🙂 


A Story of Hope

Updating You on ALL the Stuff

See You Soon!


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