Emily Talks Marriage

The only expectation that I should have of my husband is that he will be a godly leader of my family. God is the one who can and will fulfill every need.

Our relationship is fun, lively, and tender. By that, I mean that we are best friends and love to laugh together. We enjoy doing spontaneous things together and keeping things fresh. Tender, because we understand that we both have faults and aren’t perfect yet live in the tender grace of God and each other.

What makes marriage fun?

Getting to do life with my best friend and serving God with each other. Something that is so cool is seeing God put something on my heart and then putting the very same thing on my husbands heart.

In every way, I am better for marrying my husband. My husband has helped me desire to be better. I am so thankful that God lead me to a man who cherishes me and is willing to speak truth to me.

I want girls to know that—

Real love isn’t a feeling. It is a choice.



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7 thoughts on “Emily Talks Marriage

  1. Good thought for the day, love being a choice. I’m SO thankful that I’ve tasted of the Lord’s love of forgiveness and salvation, so that by His grace I can chose to love. He chose to love me, the unlovely. How can I not love those in my life or around me?! Yes, it can be hard when I base love off of feelings instead of choosing to love because of the mercy and grace that has been poured into my life! 🙂 Great little post! Thanks 🙂

    1. I’m so glad this little thought stuck with you! God has loved us greatly! We bask in the comfort of His love, are humbled by it, and then given the strength & grace to CHOOSE to love others.

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