Sheila Talks Marriage

At the beginning, marriage was happiness and excitement mixed with frustration. Mixing your life with someone else can be frustrating and difficult, but you learn how to do what works best for the two of you. Even though it can be difficult sometimes, it was still fun and exciting. I still remember the first meal I cooked for us and decorating our apartment together.

Expectations in marriage have taught me….don’t assume!! Don’t assume he knows what you want and don’t assume him to do things the way you want/would.

Communication is key to this!

The good stuff of marriage is—

Getting to start your own story. You are living life with your best friend. Once you have children it makes it even better! (MUCH more difficult, yes) but so so good! There’s nothing like seeing your husband become a dad. And seeing that beautiful blend of you and your husband in your child!

Our love grows by just going through things in life together. I love him more unconditionally than I did before…if that makes sense. Before I would get irritated or angry easier and jump to conclusions faster. Now (knowing him better has helped this) we still have disagreements, but we always know that we will love each other no matter what.

One of our hardest seasons was probably the first few years of marriage. We had to figure out how to blend our lives. We had to figure out how to fight in a way that wasn’t “going too far” with our words and actions. There were lots of disagreements and lots of compromises on both sides.

I’m still working on this one, but I’m learning to not be so selfish. Having a baby showed me just how selfish I really am, but having to put the needs of someone else above myself has really helped me.

I want girls to know that—

Real love is hard! You can’t be selfish, and you can’t expect him to know what you need. You need to communicate! Marriage isn’t a fairytale, it takes a lot of work.

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