Announcing BIG Changes!

Oh guys! You ready for this? I’ve already shared the big news with my email subscribers, but it’s time to let everyone in on it.

Here goes,

Down Cottonwood Lane has a new home at!  

There’s no more WordPress ads (and the crowd goes WILD!). There’s a fresh new look and new content for you to explore. We even have a specific place for all things Pygmy’s Life for Me. My book’s release is fast upon us, and you can find more of those details when you wander around our new home for awhile. Tell me when you know the month that my book will be released!

And don’t worry,

This blog isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be linking the old and the new, but sharing words in this well-worn, well-loved place will slowly fade out. If I think about it long enough, it’s bittersweet. I’ve made this a home for my reflections for 6+ years. I have loved it here. I have poured out my passion all over this place. I have cried and grown and stretched and failed and seen and connected and shared and been amazed at how God has changed me over the years.

These six years have taught me to write without an audience, to share without validation, to celebrate the wonderful works of God in me and all around me.  And this year, my heart and soul have been in deep transition. It has been painful and beautiful, but now rich life keeps bursting through the surface again and again and again.

With these changes, my own writing endeavors have grown into a new place I’m still learning to navigate (I know that sentence is confusing, but that’s because the transition has been just that…perplexing, different, unexpected). As I burrow my soul-roots deep in God’s house, my passion for writing transforms. I am not 100% sure what the means for Cottonwood Lane, but here I am, rooted and ready to grow for whatever comes next.

For now, next is, a new home with a clear vision and purpose. Next is a published book for all the Christian kids and adults asking those big, haunting questions. Next is writing words specifically geared toward helping women live freely and fully in God. Next is embracing this life with eyes ever-toward, ever-anticipating my heaven-home. Next is exciting and scary and new. Next is the right place to be.

I’m so happy you’ve decided to be here with me on the journey (many of you for all six years!). But now, I’m walking into all new things. I’m running headlong into all that’s next, and I’m asking you to stay. Come stay and see what’s new. Come stay and grow with me for another six years! Come stay while we learn to fully live right here even as we anticipate the glorious, beautiful future of our heaven-home.

Come stay!



2 thoughts on “Announcing BIG Changes!

  1. I got a mix of emotions when I read this. I have only been following for a couple years, I believe, but I KNOW how exciting this has to be for you! Especially after the rough start of this year. Happy for you and I will continue to follow on your NEW site.

    1. Your words are encouraging! And it is a mix of emotions…six years is a long time and a lot happens in six years. I think it’s been about 3 years since you and I have connected through here and we both have experienced some deep changes. 🙂 Not all bad either! So thankful for you! And so glad you’re going to stay. The site may look new and fresh and different, but I’m still Sierra sharing my reflections and fumbling my through life in God’s grace & freedom! 🙂 Love you, friend! ❤

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