The Song of Your Soul

Down Cottonwood Lane

For a minute or two, while you are praying through your emotions, it just feels like a cruel game. In your mind, there isn’t any logical explanation for it. Your heart can only see what’s easy to see and what’s easy to see always, always falls short of God’s intricate purpose and plan for you.

You ask God a few confusing questions, and then you chose to believe God’s love for you. This isn’t a cruel game. This isn’t without purpose. This is making way a for a glorious display of God’s love to you. 

And you are confident of that.

You have known God to overflow your soul with good things, protect you from bitterness, uphold your heart in sorrow, and show you how to drink from the river of His delight (Psalm 36:8). It’s a river that has yet to run dry, and you know it never…

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