A Story of Hope

Every now and then, a year grabs hold of your life and teaches you one thing very specific. I had grand plans to make laughter be the blog word for this year. And while there has been plenty of that and will be in the months to come…I have also been intimately learning about the hope I have in God. I’ve been writing about it over & over again. I’ve written about it so much in the last 5 months that I wanted to make a specific place for it on my blog.

I am learning that God is sufficient. He is more than sufficient. With God, I don’t need anything more or less in life to know true joy, love, and rest. When I have God, I have all that I need in abundance. This isn’t always easy to learn, and there is hardness mixed with the hope. And yet there is grace upon grace! So whoever you are and however you got here …..this is my HOPE Story…but it can also be yours. In God, we have all that we need forevermore.

any one of these photos will start you on my story of hope! And praise God, this story keeps on going! 

 Learning to Live My Own Story

 Finding True Rest in Hard Times

 Renewed Hope in the New Spring

 When Hard Things Heal

Surrendering My Heart Again

Burning My Expectations in God’s Grace

This Place is Called Fear

Refusing to Live a Half-Hearted Life

The Beautiful Song of the Weary

When the Wasteland Becomes Hope

Healing after Heartbreak 

to be continued…