A Summary of Posts

It’s easy to get lost when visiting a blog. And I’m not saying “lost” in a I-wanna-stay-and-read-this-blog-forever. No, it is downright frustrating to visit a blog and not know how to go anywhere, so I am here for YOU! Click on anything grey and it will lead you right to the good stuff. Ready. Set. GO.

For personal reflections on things that I learned while dating, just click here. Somewhere along the way, I realized that it’s not about the bride. And here are 29 things I learned during the first year of marriage.

Marriage isn’t boring, no matter what society wants you to think! But have courage to strip your heart bare of expectations. Here you will know real beauty! At the end of the day, it doesn’t mater whether or not you are married, you MUST be seeking God or you will be live a heartbroken life. I was living heartbroken just three months after marriage.

By the way, if you’re a woman reading this blog, then please know that you do not have to be a mom or a wife to experience life. Hold onto this truth! And know that your true purpose as a woman is not to get married and make babies. I promise!

Perhaps, you are struggling with chronic pain. I have too. Pain, whether it is emotional or physical, is hard baggage to carry. You can read about my journey beginning HERE. There was a time that I worshiped my pain, sunk low in the dark places, and used it for my own benefit. But God never gave up on me, and He still works miracles! And today, I’m experiencing so much healing!

Or maybe, you are struggling with all the numerous posts about modesty and what you should do about it. People tell you all sorts of things about your image, but you aren’t given practical ways to overcome insecurities. Have you struggled with body shaming? You are not alone!

Guess what? The Christian life is HARD. There’s no getting around it. I have felt hopeless and restless. I have been sure that I would never know how to love life again. But even in the hard things, there is healing. And as a child of God, I also know Hope even in the blackest of nights. Sometimes I lay my heart out, because my friend gives me the permission to be brave...brave in broken, brave in God. And if you feel like you’re waking up every day in the darkest place you’ve ever been, this post is for you.

And what about joy? Have you struggled with that? Again…you are not alone. Perhaps you just feel looked down on in your current life stage. I have felt that, but the more I learn about JOY, the more I realize how full & complete my life is already. I have a 100% life. Am I going to be a 100% person?  And come as you are to the table. We’re all wounded & healing here. Sometimes it takes a fire and a war to know freedom in whatever wilderness you are facing.

Don’t ever be afraid of showing your real heart and never stop relying on God for strength and grace. Grief does eventually go to sleep.  And joy will come in the morning. Even when all we offer up is blackness, He is still so full of love & grace for us. And our worth never changes even when we run from Him. This is my hope story, and it’s still being written.

We’ve got to unlearn the habit of being good. Every human relationship you ever enter will be perfect imperfection. So risk laying your heart bare because there is nothing that God’s grace and love doesn’t cover and there is someone who NEEDS your story. I can guarantee you that. And your story? It’s not over, not by a long-shot. You absolutely can celebrate….right here, right now.

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