About Their Shoes

Have you ever felt like the only one wearing the torn up, tired shoes? Have you ever felt desperately isolated with no idea how to reach out to others? Or are you the one trying to reach out, but always saying the wrong thing? Do you just not understand how to help, because you can’t get inside their heart?


I have been on both sides of this, and I am sure you have to! So, that is why we are taking almost every day in October to wear different shoes, such as Lonely Shoes, Hurting Shoes, Mom Shoes, Married Shoes, Grieving Shoes and many more!

I have collected quite a few experiences and opinions by many of my readers and friends. For most of this month, every post published will be anonymous and full of diverse thoughts and reflections from others! It is time we spread light on the common misunderstandings, hardships, and joys of friendship.

So, come join me as we jump around in shoes we know, and squeeze into the shoes we have never had to wear before!

let a friend know about this series & follow for honest thoughts about real friendship!