About Me

I’m not writing to go viral. I’m not writing to stuff all of my opinions down your throat (I really would rather you not choke). I’m not the best and I’ll never become the best. I don’t have a million followers and I might be an old, old woman before I even gain a tiny, tiny fraction of a million followers (trust me, I do plan on writing well into my old age).

I get tired of rants and opinions, and while I appreciate a blogger who can ignite a gruesome fire, I’m just not that person (there are already too many fires, out there. Don’t ya think?).

I’m writing because I think that sharing life is completely valuable, and needed. I’m writing because if I help one person, make one person laugh, or encourage one person, then all the work is worth it. Just one means everything to me!

I write because I desire to have a small place for people to be challenged, encouraged, and exhorted without feeling like a bag full of bricks (ie..opinion/rants) has smashed their head. I’m writing because I’m a young woman who is learning a lot. I desire to share this journey with you and with anyone who wants to listen.

But most importantly and above all—

I write for and because of God. I have no hope without Him. I write because this is my gift to Him, a way to spread His joy, His love, and His life.

This blog is a place for His great grace to be seen in my growing, imperfect womanhood. This whitespace is my chance to dedicate my passion, words, and life to Him alone. Life without God is nothing. Life with Him is everything. I want to share this JOY & HOPE. I want to share it with you.

So here we go,

Sierra Fedorko



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cezane says:

    Love your about post! I also like how your blog is differently set out from many i have come across, cheers! 🙂

  2. cdaveler says:

    I have found it can be difficult to really hear someone when they’re stating their opinion too staunchly. It’s so hard to speak your mind and listen at the same time, or listen when you know someone doesn’t care what you think. I agree a lot of blogs about writing are more opinionated than conversations and having someone aim for something different is fantastic!

    • SierraFedorko says:

      I love what you said….”It’s so hard to speak your mind and listen at the same time.” That is a skill to be learned, and I am still learning how to do that well! Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad there are people like you out there!

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