Life Latelyใ€Š06-07.18ใ€‹

Oh my! What a beautiful difference a year can make!

Last summer, I was struggling a lot. I’ve written more about that in our Monday emails (which is my favorite part of writing these days, and it’s never too late to subscribe. ๐Ÿ™‚ ) But let me just tell you, this summer has been all about singing and finding what it means to become a life-song for God. My soul has been spilling over with joy to realize all the wonderful works God is doing in my soul, through the ages, for His glory.

Life is not perfect. In any way. I have stretches of discouragement and those punched-in-the-gut feelings, but God reminds me of truth and He reminds me of life.

So there I go living again.

He is so good!

The summer has been full of new experiences for me and adding goats to the mix has been the best (totally done on a whim) adventure!

Hattie-girl is our people lover. She loves attention and usually wants to be near the closest human. She’s also clumsy and a bit of a slow-learner. It’s honestly like watching me in goat form, so quite enlightening! ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s getting to be quite independent and it’s been fun to watch her begin trying things on her own. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading


Altars and Ashes

She was wrapped in herself. It was comfortable and easy. It made sense and felt complacent, but then God called her to the desert. “Of course, I’ll go!”, her enthusiasm burst out still bound tight with expectation.

So she went walking forward with no idea at all. Deserts are big and wide and dry, and she found herself being chipped away. Blistered. Cracked. Split open. Empty spaces demand your attention and she got lost in all of them.

It took awhile, but white knuckle grasping on her life slowly became her hands stretched out receiving any and all God might give her. At first it felt like air, like nothing. Her hands were open and waiting for rain, but blistering sun was His response. That’s what she thought, anyway.

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The Dangerous “Christian” Ladder

Have you ever felt like there is a “Christian” Ladder you’re supposed to climb? You can be honest. I’ve tried to climb it. I’ve got frustrated friends who have tried to climb it. And we never really say it out loud, do we? But somehow, it’s yelled out pretty loud and clear

YOU NEED TO BE MARRIED to have purpose.

YOU NEED TO HAVE CHILDREN, if you’re going to be of any real worth.

YOU MUST MAKE GOOD KIDS HAPPEN to fully and truly “arrive”.


YOU MUST CONTINUE TO ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS AT ALL COST if you are truly hoping for your purpose to be fully realized.

But every time we enter the next season, we find it’s never enough to fill us up and satisfy our desires. We exhaust ourselves by killing ourselves just trying to climb a pointless ladder that God never built for us in the first place. Every time we attain the “next thing”, we strip that title and reach for more. It’s often about doing something more while also becoming the hero of our perceptions. We slap ribbons and trophies on certain seasons and consequently leave out thousands of women in the process.

Don’t believe me?

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