Beth Bee & the Betrayal of Skirts

Who makes the rules?! That’s what Betha Bee wanted to know. Who says you have to wear skirts to school? Or at all, for that matter. So what if we are in a one-room schoolhouse? Does that mean we have to revert to the ways of women in the 1800s?

Obviously NOT! And so, Betha Bee was rightfully upset about the wearing a skirt to school requirement. It was a stormy day, after all. How was she supposed to hold her books and keep her ridiculous skirt from flying in her face? She has no good solution for the predicament, so please stop asking her questions.

Off she went, more annoyed than usual about wearing a skirt. Nothing about today was turning out to be superstupdendous (and don’t tell me that is a misspelled un-word. It’s real and it means incredibly awesome). Continue reading


The Life-Crushing Hours with Betha Bee

It was the second day with the substitute teacher who was a thundering, pudgy man with an ill-suited name of Mr. Squeak. If you can imagine it, Bobby Blue walked the entire distance to school with a cloud of 4 sour milk cartons floating above his head. Mr. Squeak was no picnic after all.

How much longer must they all endure is grouchy guffaws about history and science etcetera and so forth. Even Funny Sunny, who is always known for her cheer, was quite out of sorts. The most shocking part of all was that the three friends found themselves missing Miss Lemon…quite a lot…. often…in every class. A substitute teacher was supposed to be fun and games, but nothing was with Mr. Squeak.

As it always goes with students, their little quirks are magnified when a substitute teacher has the floor. In fact, without thinking about it, everything a student does is five times more annoying when a poor substitute teacher is asked to do the job.

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Betha Bee Isn’t the Best

It is the tendency of all people to think they are the best of the best at all things, in every way with no exceptions. And this tendency plagued Betha Bee very much. She knew she wasn’t good at math. That was a given! She knew her nose was simply not the prettiest. Also, a given! But in all other areas, Betha Bee had the tendency to believe she was simply the best of the best.

We find the 3 friends in the 5-Tree Forrest of friendship. There was another little sprout of a tree trying to grow up past its roots, but it never got very far. Bobby Blue’s swooshing steps always seemed to take it out when it finally saw the light of day.

SWOOSH. SWOOSH…and he just did it again!
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