The BEST Love Words from Young Wives

Fifteen women opened up their hearts for us this October. Fifteen women wrote about love and marriage, not to tell us how to do things, but to share their lives with us. And in the sharing, we found healing & hope in depression, arguments, the desire to give up, chronic illness, suicidal thoughts, ordinary life, self-discovery, infertility, miscarriage, and overwhelming brokenness.

Marriage is beautiful in all the ways the movies don’t talk about it, and it’s hard in all the ways social media will never fully portray. And it’s worth a treasure that can never be bought. It is, after all, a reflection of how God loves His church. We have this small inkling of what full, complete love is like, but until heaven-home we will never fully know it.

So we learn about love and we live in God’s grace, and we wake up to a journey harder and better than we ever could imagine. The journey is ordinary and lovely, and full of hard, unexpected, and beautiful life! As we usher in November, I wanted to post some of my favorite words shared this October, and give you the opportunity to read any of the stories that you may have missed (just click on any name). Continue reading


Ashley Talks Marriage

The beginning of our marriage was filled with lots of changes. Of course, the biggest change was being married and learning what it was like to live together, but those first few months also brought new jobs for both of us. And David’s new job at the hospital had him working night shifts.

So less than two months after saying ‘I do’, my husband and I had completely opposite schedules. Less than ideal circumstances for newlyweds, right? Yes, but we made it work and were so thankful for the opportunities the Lord was providing us.

Those months of opposite schedules (thankfully he switched to day shifts aboutΒ four months later!) were filled with all the learning that comes along with being newly married, and taught me that any expectations I had about marriage needed to be laid aside. Continue reading

Emma Talks Marriage

The first few months were HARD. I was very ill. It was some of the darkest months of my life. Concerning expectations….he won’t know unless I tell him. Love is patient.

We choose transparency. We don’t always share everything, (’cause that’s a lot of information!), but we try and share the hard things. The uncomfortable things. The important things. We share our temptations and sin and help each other establish healthy boundaries. We hold each other accountable. This is easier said than done, but with practice it gets easier. We’ve had some time to practice. (:

Some of our hardest seasons have been chronic pain. Painful intimacy. Infertility. Pregnancy loss. Through it all, we held each other and cried. We prayed together. We laid hands on each other. We didn’t loose hope.

Infertility, being barren, longing for a child is more painful than any physical pain I know, and I know physical pain. Intimately. I would hope with every fiber of my being and then be reminded with every negative pregnancy test that I was broken. Continue reading