I’m BACK! & Other September Reflections

CONFESSION: I’m writing this post 5 days before actually being back ,but I’m just SO excited to be back! So…that’s THAT!

October?! How are we even here, guys? But before we start the much anticipated blog series (which you can see more about HERE), I just wanted to talk about September. It was just what I needed.

And thanks, Facebook, for trying to guilt trip me by sending me a notification about how those 362 people hadn’t heard from me in awhile. It had only been like 3 days when the notification popped up! REALLY?!

It was hard to keep quiet, but it got easier and easier to let the pressure of writing & sharing fall away. And it was exactly the right medicine for my heart. I spent a lot of September in some personal reflections and found the courage to open up a new journal and write through some personal struggles. My sister knew the specifics of my heart and just like the love of a sister, she sent me so many fun, uplifting trinkets. Continue reading


I’m Taking a Break

In 20 seconds, you’re going to see a subscription box pop-up. Put your email address in that perfect little rectangle & push SUBSCRIBE.

Have you done it yet?

Or now?

OK, just do it when you see it! 🙂

Guys, I’m going to say it like it is.

I need a break from blogging.

I have run myself ragged by continuously scheduling, writing, publishing, posting, and communicating. And while I LOVE showing up to share life + encourage all of you, I know that I need to p a u s e. And I need to do so now.


While I quietly work on the October series, and finish up my book, I will be extra silent on the blog. I am so excited to be taking a break from the noise. BUT that doesn’t mean I won’t be writing or sharing reflections.

If you want to hear from me throughout my September pause, YOU CAN! Because I’m assuming that by now, you’ve signed up with your email! I already have a heart talk ready for you (and the photos above are sampling of it) which will also include a brief, but BIG sneak peek into the October series.

This newsletter is my attempt at creating a quiet place to share my words without being able to track how well the “world” is receiving it. I need some time to refresh, reevaluate, and reset. So while I take care of myself, you can read my reflections in the quiet place.

I can’t wait to write directly into your inbox while I purpose to remove the undue pressure I’ve placed on myself. I’ll add more details about this brief, but necessary hiatus in our quiet place.  A big thanks to my sister for suggesting I take a break. Sometimes, people that love you know what you need even when you don’t think you need it. And I’ve finally realized that I need this pause.

I love you guys! I will be back, and October will be lovely with a series that I think is going to be extraordinarily encouraging and insightful. So, until then…let me write to your inbox & I’ll be in touch here soon.


If you missed the pop-up form, (because these things DO bug out from time to time!) & you really want to be a part of this,  just private message me your email address HERE & with your permission, I can add you in manually! Right now, I can only use a pop-up version for the sign-up! Hoping to change that SOON! 🙂 


A Story of Hope

Updating You on ALL the Stuff

See You Soon!

Updating You on All the Stuff

Here we are on the brink of September! Each new season feels like a new chance at the New Year. So I just gotta talk with you about life and add in a fun assortment of photos that’s been a part of my life, but doesn’t have much to do with this particular post. But that’s how conversations go, right? They’re all over the place! So anyway–

let’s talk goals:

My book is coming along! While I was hoping to have a bit more accomplished by the end of August, I still got a lot done. I wrote a preface, an epilogue, entirely re-worked certain chapters, and I’m deepening the emotions + realness of the story. Guys, it’s getting better. I’m working my way through the book backward and it has opened my eyes to so many things that need to be expressed more deeply.

I wrote the first draft of this book when I was 17-18. Just writing it felt like opening my world, but when I read it now I see how cautious and careful I was to put everything just so., but life isn’t just so. I’m getting excited for the progress, nervous for how people will receive it, anxious to finish it, and fighting hard not to procrastinate. Help me, guys! Cheer me on. I need your loud voices of cheering. We are getting so, so close.

if you ever want to know how to cheer me on…THIS! (a friend provided this free)

Let’s Talk this Blog:

And I’m going to be extremely honest with you. Remember back in March when I started the Betha Bee series? It was fun & growing for me to work on, but so hard to accomplish each week. Wellllll, I feel like the whole thing has been a complete failure (just being real with ya!). Because it’s hard for me to write humor consistently, it got lost in the shuffle of life. On top of that, I spent the springtime + most of the summer fighting hard to keep my hope + rest in God alone.

Continue reading