This Is a Love Story

Ben came out of nowhere when I was 18. Suddenly, he was in a Facebook message telling me that he liked my blog post and then asking to write me letters during the fall. Before I knew it, he was standing in front of me, all sheepish, and warning me about his bad spelling.

Well, that didn’t bother me.

Clearly. 🙂

I liked the old-fashioned idea of letters. I liked that I had no real idea who this guy was. I had seen him and there, and I remember thinking that whoever got to be his wife was going to be one lucky woman…because that smile…that smile was good. Little did I know that I would be his wife. Seriously. Out of nowhere.

In those first few weeks, we talked about all the serious stuff. Even though I was only 18, I was done wasting my time with small talk. I wasn’t going to spend months on fluff, only to find out six months in that we didn’t agree on something really important. And well, Ben felt the same way. He was tired of college girls that didn’t think for themselves, and I was tired of college guys who had no plans for life and no determination to get anything done.

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I Have Good Stuff for Your Inbox

I am aware that this is not a strategic time to post anything. But I’m gonna do it, anyway. 🙂 So HAPPY WEEKEND! I had a fabulous week. I did something different this week. I didn’t spend my time scrolling Facebook. It was awesome.

I also got back on my email game and now you can find a link to my newsletter signup on the sidebar of my blog. Say what?! But I’ll add the sign up HERE, in case you’re like me and don’t want to spend too much time clicking around for the good stuff.

And by the way, the email I’m sending out is going to make your Monday awesome. I hope to make it a Monday thing, but I need to get my book published before setting too many more goals (but let’s be real, I’m still gonna set that goal). 😉

When I send an email to your inbox, it’s only the good stuff. It will be personal.  It will be much less edited. And most especially, it will be like a conversation…an ode to snail mail.

And all you have to do is SIGN UP!

I’d never be good at selling shampoo, essential oil, makeup, and you know…all the other magic potion health products…because apparently, this is the extent of my marketing skills…

an ill-timed blog post, a slapped-together description of a totally awesome email, and an ALL CAPS call for you to sign up.

But hey, I can’t wait to connect with you more personally. I can’t wait to be a part of your Monday.

I’m so excited for 2018!

Monday’s email is just the beginning!

Your Inbox Is About to Do a Happy Dance

(ok, I’m done selling… 🙂 )

Reflections, Recaps & Happy 2018!

I’m not sure there has ever been a year that I have had to fall so many times to grasp the truth that God really is JOY and He is all my HOPE..and I can have REST no matter what! On a cold November afternoon, I realized that 2017 was a birthplace of hope, not pain. It took me the majority of the year to truly believe that God was sculpting my heart into hope not grief.

This year has shocked my heart out of its placid indifference. It has had me clinging to El Deah, the God who KNOWS! I have silent screamed, re-learned joy, grieved with God, hoped in Him, found His promises to be true, clung to Psalms 146, and made a truth book to carry with me (literally & figuratively) into battle. This 2017 has defined real hope to my heart. Oh thank you God for this! Continue reading