Summer Recap 2017!


There’s just no other way to start this post than with that! It has been a summer packed full to the brim of hard things, good things, strengthened friendships, worth it moments, blackberries, heart cries, heart songs, and a growing love for the life that God has given me.

We began the summer season with  the big celebration of my sister’s wedding! This technically happened in May, but I’m including it in the summer season festivities. You can read more about that wonderful day HERE. But man oh man, what a day to enjoy!

Ben and I also celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in May. We drove down Highway 1, moseyed on the beach, ate seafood with the ocean in view, and did a lot of laughing. We also finally made it to Red Lobster (I know nothing hugely special about that), but I had never been and had wanted to do that on our honeymoon. Well, we finally got around to it TWO years later! This photo was taken on our anniversary under our wedding arbor (yes, it’s still standing in the backyard!). Can you tell how desert-sun bright it is?! I-YI-YI! Continue reading


Blackberries & Imperfect Life

It takes a handful of adult holidays for 18-24 year olds to realize that life isn’t perfect and it just doesn’t “feel” like it used to. But I have learned (and am learning) that life is bigger than my expectations. Choosing to initiate the good times and grab hold of celebrations is a lost art, since so many young adults expect every party to be planned for them, and every good time dropped in their laps.

So, I’m here to tell you that LIFE IS NOT PERFECT, and it never will be. Absolutely never. I’m also here to say that it has the potential to be SO FUN.  

BUT you actually have to do something.

Let’s rewind to the 4th of July. I had no grand plans and no fun craft or party planned for the kiddos in Kiddie Korner (I really dropped the ball on that one!). But that morning, I hopped onto Pinterest and found a 4th of July craft that could be done with the supplies on hand.  Continue reading

This Is Life a Year Later

I love the month of May! It used to only signify the end of a  school year (AWESOME!), but now it’s so much more! I graduated in May. My Mom’s birthday is in May (she won’t let us forget it!). I got married in May. We moved to Wolf Mountain in May and in just a week, my younger sister is going to be married in May.

May is like Christmastime for me! It’s so full of beautiful beginnings, hard-earned endings, and moments of remembrance. My heart just sings throughout this month, and I don’t want it to end. So, it’s a good thing we have a couple weeks left!

I wanted to sum up the life Ben and I have lived this last year. We have been through some easy times, and some very difficult ones. I have cried, laughed, and rejoiced this year and it has been a gift to live within it. 

Last Saturday marked one year since we moved to Wolf Mountain Christian Camp. We were excited and nervous to begin the camp journey again. 

Life has a tendency of moving quite FAST! We scrambled to settle in while also learning how to minister, be a family, and rest. We had times of feeling very overwhelmed, but who doesn’t in life? Life is busy and hard. Often, you simply have to stick to it! And in the sticking to it, you find beauty, joy, and the wild thought of being on an adventure you don’t want to leave! Continue reading