She Told Me about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has moved, I guess. It’s news to me and news to you. I never thought we would be neighbors with the great Niagara Falls! I can’t believe this luck at all. What a fortune! What a day! Who else can say that Niagara Falls lives in their neighborhood?

She kept on talking and wouldn’t stop. I listened with rapt attention.

Look how beautiful. Look how clear! Put your phone away right now. Your silly camera can’t capture this kind of pretty. I can’t believe Niagara is here. Can you believe she moved to California? Continue reading


Holidays on Broken Backs

Just a hint of jingle bells, the rest was rustling leaves. Just a smidge of holiday, the rest was preparation. Just a sprinkling of arguments for when Christmas music plays, but mostly welled-up hearts just waiting for the lights.

But in between this holiday, the noise we all know well, were women walking everywhere with burdens hard to bear. Hunched low with breaking backs, their Christmas trees dragged behind and little kids ran vibrant, free. Hunched low with breaking backs their Thanksgiving tables beautifully set for empty, childless homes. Hunched low with breaking backs the music plays aloud, but the loneliness beats louder. Continue reading

I Forgot the Life I Had

Our home has been been forged in memories, tears, laughter, sorrow, hope…and yes, even heartache. My load is heavy tonight, the sorrow is in every exhale. I hold the box too heavy to bear, and I shove it to the darkest corner that I can find. This is how I feel. My muscles ache from the load, but my arms are alive with the pain.

I shut the door to the closet I hate, the place I wish to tear from the house, but it’s the room that has to stay. I find more hard things to box up and put away. I cram, I shove, I stuff…I hide it all from view.

The closet door shuts again.

And it opens.

And it shuts.



Again and again and again.

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