Contact Betha Bee

You know you’re curious. I can see it in your eyes….or at least I would be able to see it if you were standing in front of me.


Here’s the thing, 

Betha Bee is just an email away! She wants your ideas and suggestions. This includes any made-up words that you would like to see in print.  She’s even willing to consider your artwork to document her un-stories. There is no age limit. You can be 7 or 75 or whatever age you happen to be right at this very second!

At any point that you email her, she can provide secret facts, coming un-stories, and imaginative adventures that no one else has heard of. By submitting your ideas, drawings, and suggestions, you have the opportunity to become and Imagination Captain for this un-story series.

Interested yet? Just email her at

She will answer any specific questions you may have and will be waiting in excitement for your artwork & ideas! Haven’t read any of her adventures yet? Here’s a REALLY good one! 

In Short: 

NEEDED: Imagination Captains

AGE: Any & All 

EMAIL: Questions, Ideas, Artwork, Made-Up Words

PAYMENT: Secret facts & membership on the Betha Bee Team