Explain This to Me?

IMG_0011Ever heard that saying, every story has two sides? Well, a wise friend of mine made me think. What can I do to make my emotional, deep stories something practical & helpful for my readers? What can I do to give it another side?  It is easy for me to write a story full of emotions and thoughtful impact. I’ll never stop writing that way, either! But I started to wonder how I could transpose my short, reflective stories into something practically applicable. In essence, I wanted to give each of my deep, emotional stories 2 sides.

You will read emotional & practical in the space of ten minutes.

So, I plan to take each story that I write and post a practical extension to it. Two sides of the story, as you can see. Some of the stories that I plan to transpose are:

“I’m Giving You Up”

“It’s Not Yours to Know”

“A Faded One-third Measuring Cup”

“The Girl with Cold Coffee”

If you haven’t read these stories yet, click on them to read what they are all about. And if you care to know the other side of the story after you are done reading, then just follow this blog via email & you’ll be one of the first to know that I’ve transposed it.


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