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If you’ve followed this blog for any number of months, you may have realized that I write reflective posts more often than I write about my normal life. Let me tell ya, it is very normal. I do not write all the time, nor do I have creative ideas falling out of my brain every 5 minutes!

We can’t back up my life too far, because you don’t want to know about me when I was just a little baby & it would take multiple blog posts to get to my life now–so we will just start with the love story that has ushered my new ordinary.

I met Ben in the summertime of 2013 when he apprehensively asked me if I wouldn’t mind writing letters back & forth with him. Real, actual letters?! My answer was yes, of course ((well, after some talking with my sisters!)).

So in July 2013, we began the whole letter writing adventure and then started actually dating in October. My heart could have burst for the joy of it all!

For other stuff about dating you can click on this link to read some of our story. You could describe our dating relationship as FUN and HONEST.


I know….who takes photos like this? This was taken in November 2013, ((which was also the month that he told me he loved me for the first time)). Since we were in a long distance relationship,it is one of the first pictures we ever took together . SCORE.

In December 2014, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I’d said yes a thousand times in my heart already! So for more of that story, click here.

On December 31st, right before the New Year 2015 came in with a bang, we took our engagement photos. Here are 2 samples.



After what felt like a million months of planning (OK, only 5), doctor appointments, surgery, recovery, and all other kinds of busy life, we said our vows on May 23, 2015. So here’s a blog post about our wedding day.



After getting married, we moved into a tiny little home, and made it our own. For those details, click here.

We decided that it would be best for both of us if I stayed home for our first year. And I loveed it! I learned so much about living. I was able to write more, blog more, and pursue personal goals as well as learn how to cook!  Click on that link, it’s funny. HA. 🙂

In May 2016, we moved to a new county and began an exciting adventure alongside the Wolf Mountain resident staff team. You can read more about it HERE. I’m enjoying this time very much!

In the last year or so,  I have grown more into my womanhood than ever before. And I look forward to more growth, even if it comes through growing pains. God is making me into the woman He desires me to be. I am so excited about that! So it is with confidence that I keep moving forward & living this regular, normal life, because that is where the growing happens….in mundane faithfulness.

for more: 

Our Wedding Day 

Our First Year in Cartoons

The Best Homemaking Advice EVER!


6 thoughts on “Other L-I-F-E Stuff

  1. Sam Brock says:

    Hey Sierra,
    I like what you have done. you have done a bunch. I like the follow option and the share this options. It has a good look to it. Did you learn how to do menus? There is so much to do behind the scenes. Do you plan to use this site or your facebook page or both??

    • sierravbrock says:

      I’m still learning how to do menus, I have the gist of it, but am still working to figure it out. I plan to use both. The facebook page is mainly to aid this, because my friends are mostly on facebook a whole lot more than a blog, if they see occasional updates on my blog through there feed, they may be more likely to read it.

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