Cheyenne Talks Marriage

The first few months were fun and refreshing. It was nice to finally be able to do life together day in and day out and not have to worry about anything. We didn’t have to drive back home at the end of the night or anything like that! It was just refreshing to be able to spend so much time with your best friend despite what people may think or say!

Also, it’s nice to have someone you can rely on no matter the time of day or circumstance and also it’s encouraging to be married to someone so considerate and kind to me no matter our differences!

So many people tell you how marriage was for them and how it works best, but honestly everyone’s experience is so different yet they talk as if that’s how it should be no matter what. But what may work for one couple does not work for the other. It was nice to be able to build our home and how we operated exactly how WE wanted it and how it worked best for US. Continue reading


Karina Talks Marriage | Part 2

I have never felt so loved before. I come from a background of being adopted, and that is such a beautiful thing and something my husband and I value so much. He was even adopted too! But, the love I have for my husband and the love he has for me is unlike any other love I have ever experienced. If you want to know how Jesus loves us, get married, it is the truest, most beautiful example.

We love to do goofy things together, while we do enjoy the occasional lazy Saturday watching movies, we also enjoy getting out and finding things to do. We live in farm country so farmer’s markets and county fairs are so fun, plus we live close to the beach! We are big foodies too so grocery shopping trips are always done together and we love to cook together or explore fun new places to eat.

Is marriage anything like all those marriage books you read or were given before marriage? Continue reading

Karina Talks Marriage | Part 1

The first few months of our marriage were probably some of the hardest months of my life. We both went from being very independent, on our own kind of people to suddenly having someone else to care for and a whole household to manage.

I would say our biggest challenges surrounded finances and managing household duties. As the wife, I was constantly doing everything at home while my husband was away at work and I found myself frustrated with the lack of help that I would get.

We learned so much about communicating with one another and helping each other. There is a big difference between being a burden and being married. Being married is a team effort, and there is no I in team. Continue reading