About This NEW Series

October is already a crazy good month. The holidays haven’t started yet, but the anticipation of the season has begun. So, all of us women down Cottonwood Lane plan to make it even better with our newest series—

(cue inspirational music here)

And before you get all annoyed..because really...ANOTHER blog talking about marriage! How much more can you take, am I right?! I don’t blame you for feeling that way, but trust me, you can take this one…because these women are just sharing their honest experiences. The key word here is that they are SHARING with you, not telling you how to do things. And that’s just golden.

Follow the Facebook page to keep up with all the good stuff that’s happening! Now, c’mon over and meet a handful of the lovely women that you’ll read about this month! Excited yet?

Every woman sharing this month has been married for less than 10 years…(some for less than a year!) so that makes us all little babies in the world of marriage, but I’m passionate about sharing life no matter the season or stage, and finding these brave women to help me with this is priceless! They have opened windows (and even doors!) into their diverse love stories.

I LOVE how these women transparently acknowledge their brokenness, but rest in the grace and love that God pours out as He shows them how to love and forgive. They talk about the good things of marriage and reflect on the hard times within it. Some are short in their reflections, and others are very long.

You’ll find it quite apparent this month that these women are all different, with diverse experiences, and deep hearts to share. Isn’t that just lovely? Keep coming back to this page, because more women will added here during October! Now, t’s just time for you to sit back and enjoy.

Let us share our lives with you.

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