Snapshots Explained

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we all came together and wrote a blog post from one word adjectives and ideas? Sometimes, it takes more than one person to write a good story, to explain a deep thought, or to describe a picture of reflection. In these blog posts, people see a snapshot then give me an adjective or idea that they think of when they see the picture. The resulting blog post is often a deep reflection from a number of people who see different somethings in the same picture.

Here are a couple of the snapshots that have been used and some of the blog posts that have been written over the last month.

To the Secluded Heart

“You find me here again. You see me in this place. You hear me find the edge. You feel me as I walk.

And I am overwhelmed tonight.

And I am scared of life.”Serenity


Click here for more of this one word snapshot.

Endless Beginnings

“I was a little girl who dreamed. I dreamed of love without flaws. I dreamed of marriage without selfishness. I dreamed of babies without pain.  And I realize now my heart full of innocence, and my mind of blue sky. Clouds were just good times and my sky was full of them.”

MarriageClick here for more of this one word snapshot.

Desolate Fields

“I walk through the field, alone. So much of it seems familiar, so much past and empty future. The field of brokenness, the field of tears, the field of trials, the field of pain. It is worn. Though it presses in around me, I cannot touch it. I cannot reach it. I walk through it, but not in it. I am beside it, but not a part of it.”

farmClick here for more of this one word snapshot.

A Child in the Jar

“I live in a jar filled with water. Water from my past, water in my present, and water for my future. I am just a child as I grow inside this jar. The water represents my appearance and actions, and the jar reveals my transparency. Everyone can see my life and the decisions that I have made. Everyone looks with curiosity at the woman I am becoming. The transparency of my jar unnerves me all the more.”

Child of the JarClick here for more of this one word snapshot.

If you would like to participate in these stories, then come on over to my Facebook page where I share the pictures and invite you to give me one word adjectives and ideas. I’d love for you to join me on this journey of writing blog posts together from a handful of words.



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