Heartbreak & Breathtaking Rainbows

Healing isn’t always easy, is it? We find ourselves between pain and hope. The end feels far off…and sometimes, there is no end at all to see. Healing takes weeks, months…even years. And the healing we will know now is earth-bound. Our soul is whole, it is strong in the promise of heaven-home with God. But these hearts are often fraught with emotions and broken shards of devastating pain. It is not hopeless as we have God…but it isn’t Sunday school easy either.

There are seasons in which heartbreak feels continuous. And often the breaking is private…sometimes, it’s hard to know it’s happening until the tears break loose refusing to be pent up any longer.

And here you are….your broken heart in shards, fragments, or sharp pieces of dust. You lean into God and you feel nothing, but you choose to believe Him anyway. And in the believing, you find rest…and in the rest you know peace. Suddenly, hope is not unimaginable anymore. You feel love–God’s love–because He’s near and you know it.

And it’s even more beautiful than Sunday school easy. Continue reading


I’m BACK! & Other September Reflections

CONFESSION: I’m writing this post 5 days before actually being back ,but I’m just SO excited to be back! So…that’s THAT!

October?! How are we even here, guys? But before we start the much anticipated blog series (which you can see more about HERE), I just wanted to talk about September. It was just what I needed.

And thanks, Facebook, for trying to guilt trip me by sending me a notification about how those 362 people hadn’t heard from me in awhile. It had only been like 3 days when the notification popped up! REALLY?!

It was hard to keep quiet, but it got easier and easier to let the pressure of writing & sharing fall away. And it was exactly the right medicine for my heart. I spent a lot of September in some personal reflections and found the courage to open up a new journal and write through some personal struggles. My sister knew the specifics of my heart and just like the love of a sister, she sent me so many fun, uplifting trinkets. Continue reading

The Song of the Weary

The song of the weary? There are no songs here. I can feel that your desperate cries are loud. I can see a heart that constricts in pain and turns far from the thought of hope. I can hear all that you do not say, for I have refrained from speaking too. The song of the weary? It just can’t be done…there’s nothing to be sung.

I have thought the same.

But the beauty in this raging war is that nothing is made into something and song-less shadows make way for the hope-shadow of His wings. Not all shadows are bad, and nothings don’t have to be hopeless.

The song of the weary is beautiful.

It sounds like morning prayers in the shower, and mid-morning cries for help. It is the pouring out of a heart before God. It is the honesty that comes when sharing the struggle with a friend. It is the humility of falling into grace over and over again. It is the darkness that reminds you that there is the beautiful opposite named Hope.  Continue reading