This Is a Love Story

Ben came out of nowhere when I was 18. Suddenly, he was in a Facebook message telling me that he liked my blog post and then asking to write me letters during the fall. Before I knew it, he was standing in front of me, all sheepish, and warning me about his bad spelling.

Well, that didn’t bother me.

Clearly. 🙂

I liked the old-fashioned idea of letters. I liked that I had no real idea who this guy was. I had seen him and there, and I remember thinking that whoever got to be his wife was going to be one lucky woman…because that smile…that smile was good. Little did I know that I would be his wife. Seriously. Out of nowhere.

In those first few weeks, we talked about all the serious stuff. Even though I was only 18, I was done wasting my time with small talk. I wasn’t going to spend months on fluff, only to find out six months in that we didn’t agree on something really important. And well, Ben felt the same way. He was tired of college girls that didn’t think for themselves, and I was tired of college guys who had no plans for life and no determination to get anything done.

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Broken Records of Grace

It’s amazing what happens when you live your own life. It’s so wonderful  when you ignore social media. You don’t get bombarded by all these products that your friends apparently love & claim changed their life. It’s refreshing to take a walk whenever the sun is out and annoying when my old phone camera won’t capture the magic. But then, nothing could ever capture the magic I’ve seen just minutes from my home.

The winter blues don’t have me at all, because I’m already looking forward to the holidays of this year, and thinking about my fall bucket list, and dreaming about the flowers that are going to pop up in the spring fields after all this sopping wet rain. Continue reading

Dreams for This Year

Last year around this time, I revealed my 2017 blog word of the year. Do you remember what it was? Probably not, folks. It literally got buried by the months & months of hard heart hope stuff. The word for the year 2017 was LAUGHTER, and it kind of makes me laugh just thinking about it! 😉

Last year was nothing like I thought it’d be at 22, but it was exactly all I needed. I am much nearer to God now, and I hope that everything I stumbled through at 22 are things I can run with at 23. Continue reading