A Beautiful Word to Describe You

Here you sit in another day of the same valley. Another day of the same sorrow. Another day of the same unknown. Another day of the same frustrations, the same struggles, the same life. Another day of the same everything.

We are always saying that life moves so fast. And we are absolutely right. But matters of the heart and soul? Well, those move slowly…at a snail’s pace, really. Like an old Ford truck that starts up rough and breaks down at every new turn…over and over and over again.

I mean, is anything changing? Am I growing at all? It’s a new month in a whole different year, but I’m still sitting in the same mess! But there’s something I’ve truly learned in 2018, and it makes way for celebration.

Simply put,

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A Marigold Soul

I can’t believe they placed me in their grocery cart. I am just a measly flower and quite a bit beat up at that. I can tell she doesn’t care that much for me. I’m orange and wilted and small. I feel insignificant next to the vibrant flowers surrounding me. And she plants me in a flower pot with another flower she likes so much more than me. But I resolve to grow anyway.

I see her water all the other flowers, and I think she might forget me, but she proves me wrong each time. She fills me up with the life-water. She never really looks at me, but I did hear her opinion of me that mid-May day. I’m not that pretty, she said. I’d go well with the other flowers, she decided. Marigolds really aren’t my favorite, she tells her mom.

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Altars and Ashes

She was wrapped in herself. It was comfortable and easy. It made sense and felt complacent, but then God called her to the desert. “Of course, I’ll go!”, her enthusiasm burst out still bound tight with expectation.

So she went walking forward with no idea at all. Deserts are big and wide and dry, and she found herself being chipped away. Blistered. Cracked. Split open. Empty spaces demand your attention and she got lost in all of them.

It took awhile, but white knuckle grasping on her life slowly became her hands stretched out receiving any and all God might give her. At first it felt like air, like nothing. Her hands were open and waiting for rain, but blistering sun was His response. That’s what she thought, anyway.

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