Sweet Life • Spring 2018

Last Friday, I sat down to write more personable words for this blog’s Facebook page. I ended up with an embarrassing-who-cares account of mesmerizing clouds and my love for vacuums. I deleted it, and eventually decided on a better way to share just regular ole life with you guys.

Hence this post. 🙂

I know spring isn’t over, but I’ve been loving every minute of it (minus the allergies..they can go die somewhere cold and lonely). 

So here are some bits of life from this spring!

When I find little flower heads on my desk at work, I know that spring has arrived. Buttercups come in crowds and are a welcome site after the winter! I love when the kiddos pick me flowers or just leave them on my desk for the saving.

We also pick the flowers for mason jars or use them in “buttercup stews”. I like to call any of this spring work. We have accomplished much spring work already this season. It’ the best kind of all!

And let’s not forget the ice-cream shoppes and all other roads of imagination traveled during the week! Please notice and give a round of applause for the beautifully colored spring flowers taped on the daycare door. Very important. Continue reading


This Is Joy Deep Down in My Soul

I sit in the backyard on a white plastic chair handed down to us by Ben’s parents. The chandelier sits in the middle of the patio table waiting as it has for over a year to be hung in the trees above the backyard space we have imagined. Two strands of lights are strung from the trees and the old, original Cottonwood Lane sign takes up residence in the tree across from me.

I am buried in yellow buttercups, opening my notebook to write out my prayers which have been recorded there often, though lately huge gaps have been thrown in between.

My relationship with God has richened and with it a more dedicated desire to worship God by writing out words. I am overwhelmed by the world around me. The way the sunlight falls on the blades of green…the bird chirping softly, then the loud one like a sibling making its presence known.

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The First of Spring

I plucked the first of many spring blooms last week. The buttercups sprout up faster than any other flower around my home. There are baby purple ones that nearly touch the earth full-grown…but the yellow buttercups are the surest sign that spring has come to stay. The first week of spring was full of realizations both deep and practical. I’ve begun this season with so much joy and anticipation, but the first full week of it was a chaotic stop-start situation!

For me, late fall and winter is a time of reflection. It is when I wrap up the year and look forward to another while remembering the past. It’s probably my favorite season, but then there is spring! And my heart is ready to really live all of life again! However, this spring (as I mentioned before) has had a chaotic beginning. 🙂  Continue reading