Our First Thanksgiving at Home

Our very first family Thanksgiving at home was nothing short of magic. It was small, and cramped…and we used a measuring cup to scoop out the gravy, but it was such fun to prepare our table for a day of Thanksgiving.

Our jar of thanks to God is staying out for the entire weekend…as we put up our Christmas decor, drink from our traditional Christmas mugs, and welcome in the Christmas season with open arms and overflowing hearts.

God continues to work heart-miracles in me. In September, I wanted nothing to do with fall. I wasn’t ready for it. I dreaded it. But on the last day of September, I could finally open my arms wide to the start of the holidays. Continue reading


Come as You Are to the Table

Hearts full of life, heavy with grief… these fearful, crippled aching bodies that could be whole if only–

arms were spread wide open and weary eyes looked up! Our dark, cracked table is adorned with silence, and all that lies on top are scattered eggshells that we’re all told should never have to break.

The table lies dark because we’re all hiding, all afraid, all ashamed, or all just aching tired. Scrape away the egg-shells scattered at your place, because if you want to be whole, then you’re going to have to break. Don’t be gentle. Don’t be soft. Abandon what you hide behind and– Continue reading

Heartbreak & Breathtaking Rainbows

Healing isn’t always easy, is it? We find ourselves between pain and hope. The end feels far off…and sometimes, there is no end at all to see. Healing takes weeks, months…even years. And the healing we will know now is earth-bound. Our soul is whole, it is strong in the promise of heaven-home with God. But these hearts are often fraught with emotions and broken shards of devastating pain. It is not hopeless as we have God…but it isn’t Sunday school easy either.

There are seasons in which heartbreak feels continuous. And often the breaking is private…sometimes, it’s hard to know it’s happening until the tears break loose refusing to be pent up any longer.

And here you are….your broken heart in shards, fragments, or sharp pieces of dust. You lean into God and you feel nothing, but you choose to believe Him anyway. And in the believing, you find rest…and in the rest you know peace. Suddenly, hope is not unimaginable anymore. You feel love–God’s love–because He’s near and you know it.

And it’s even more beautiful than Sunday school easy. Continue reading