The Betha Bee Glossary


Betha Bee: young, adventurous, excitable, freckled

Funny Sunny: Betha’s best friend. Inadvertently funny, clumsy, happy.

Bobby Blue: Betha’s other best friend (even though he’s a boy). Reddish hair, pessimistic, kind.

Miss Lemon: The teacher in a one-room school house


The Town: which shall remain unnamed, but it feels like Mayberry

Time Period: present day

Name of the Story: this is NOT a story, so there is no name.

You: reader, captain of the imagination (which will be for every adventure).

When will Betha Bee show up on this blog? I don’t know. She’s a kid. She’ll show up when she wants to.

HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE BETHA BEE TEAM: Just click HERE for more info! 


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(Un)Chapter 1

(Un)Chapter 2