life of a wife

This category is to chronicle our adventures in marriage. Not in the subdued, deep ways that are already crowding the internet (OK, there may be some of that too), but rather in a funny, light-hearted way! The truth is that being a young married couple is quite humorous sometimes (…most of the time?). 

I hope to write humorous short stories about our marriage, record silly reflections, while also including important life thoughts along the way.

These Marriage Chronicles are primarily written so that we can LAUGH together, talk about our adventures, and enjoy our past fiascos. I have learned that our humorous and (sometimes) unfortunate experiences are quite relatable to others! That makes me think that this marriage adventure is worth sharing…and even worth a good belly laugh every now and again.

So, you can start with the time I tried to bake bread.…or the time my husband and I got pulled over  on Christmas Eve…(yes…the whole police shebang!).…OR the 300+ days it took me to realize I was serving cold hot dogs to my husband. Or you can just start with the other 29 lessons I’ve learned along the way. You’ve got lots of options, because I’ve got lots of problems! 🙂

 WELCOME, friend!


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