I Have Good Stuff for Your Inbox

I am aware that this is not a strategic time to post anything. But I’m gonna do it, anyway. 🙂 So HAPPY WEEKEND! I had a fabulous week. I did something different this week. I didn’t spend my time scrolling Facebook. It was awesome.

I also got back on my email game and now you can find a link to my newsletter signup on the sidebar of my blog. Say what?! But I’ll add the sign up HERE, in case you’re like me and don’t want to spend too much time clicking around for the good stuff.

And by the way, the email I’m sending out is going to make your Monday awesome. I hope to make it a Monday thing, but I need to get my book published before setting too many more goals (but let’s be real, I’m still gonna set that goal). 😉

When I send an email to your inbox, it’s only the good stuff. It will be personal.  It will be much less edited. And most especially, it will be like a conversation…an ode to snail mail.

And all you have to do is SIGN UP!

I’d never be good at selling shampoo, essential oil, makeup, and you know…all the other magic potion health products…because apparently, this is the extent of my marketing skills…

an ill-timed blog post, a slapped-together description of a totally awesome email, and an ALL CAPS call for you to sign up.

But hey, I can’t wait to connect with you more personally. I can’t wait to be a part of your Monday.

I’m so excited for 2018!

Monday’s email is just the beginning!

Your Inbox Is About to Do a Happy Dance

(ok, I’m done selling… 🙂 )


She Told Me about Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has moved, I guess. It’s news to me and news to you. I never thought we would be neighbors with the great Niagara Falls! I can’t believe this luck at all. What a fortune! What a day! Who else can say that Niagara Falls lives in their neighborhood?

She kept on talking and wouldn’t stop. I listened with rapt attention.

Look how beautiful. Look how clear! Put your phone away right now. Your silly camera can’t capture this kind of pretty. I can’t believe Niagara is here. Can you believe she moved to California? Continue reading

Grief Said to Joy

then grief said to joy

I have made a graveyard of her expectations. It will be the perfect place for flowers. I have made her laughter homeless, so you can make it richer. I am going down every heart-road, so she stops getting lost. I am stealing all the noise of life so she doesn’t get distracted. I am piercing her heart, and though the pain is deep and canyon wide, she is safe. Because I am a road that leads to healing.

I am the wilderness, so you can come through to fill it. I am the arsonist, so you can grow hope from the ashes. I destroy, but do not leave destruction. I am the bathroom tile, so you can be the working knees that stand up tall and fight forward once again.

I am the hollow feeling, so she knows how overflowing feels. I am the earthquake that cracks the complacent house wide open. I am the framework for the home of gratitude. But framework has holes and air between and it’s painful and ugly with splinters.

I am the tidal wave that breaks rhythm with the seashore. And then beautiful things come to the surface. I am the rebel that rejects the Dayspring words, so she’ll find comfort Somewhere else. And she’ll begin to remember you soon enough. I am the cracks in the sidewalk, so you can be the green impossibly shooting through.

I am the chaos, so she learns how good it is to cry aloud. I am the tangled thoughts, so she opens up to the Psalms. I am the worker with a thankless job, so she learns what it means to give thanks.

And I am here before you, because I am only the beginning. I cannot wait to see what you’ll do with all that’s left behind. I can just imagine the wildflowers springing up…some even touching the big blue sky.

then grief went to sleep. 

and joy came in the morning.