This Is Not a Dead-End

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Sierra V. Fedorko

Here’s a thought:

Your unmet expectations don’t determine the worth of your story.

Your goodbut unfulfilled desires and dreams don’t determine the success of your life.

The ideas and perceptions others have of how your life SHOULD be have no authority or ability to stop God’s beautiful plan + purpose for your life.

The richness of your life is not based on how her life is turning out. 

You are not living a dead end story, because our God is not a God of dead-ends. He is a God of making old things new, of making new things rich, of making all these things joy.

God didn’t create you so He could forget you.

God didn’t create you so He could hurt you.

God didn’t create you, so He could waste you.

NoDeadEndsGod created you out of His own desire and delight. And God is for you right now.

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The Song of Your Soul

Sierra V. Fedorko

For a minute or two, while you are praying through your emotions, it just feels like a cruel game. In your mind, there isn’t any logical explanation for it. Your heart can only see what’s easy to see and what’s easy to see always, always falls short of God’s intricate purpose and plan for you.

You ask God a few confusing questions, and then you chose to believe God’s love for you. This isn’t a cruel game. This isn’t without purpose. This is making way a for a glorious display of God’s love to you. 

And you are confident of that.

You have known God to overflow your soul with good things, protect you from bitterness, uphold your heart in sorrow, and show you how to drink from the river of His delight (Psalm 36:8). It’s a river that has yet to run dry, and you know it never…

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Announcing BIG Changes!

Oh guys! You ready for this? I’ve already shared the big news with my email subscribers, but it’s time to let everyone in on it.

Here goes,

Down Cottonwood Lane has a new home at!  

There’s no more WordPress ads (and the crowd goes WILD!). There’s a fresh new look and new content for you to explore. We even have a specific place for all things Pygmy’s Life for Me. My book’s release is fast upon us, and you can find more of those details when you wander around our new home for awhile. Tell me when you know the month that my book will be released!

And don’t worry,

This blog isn’t going anywhere. I’ll be linking the old and the new, but sharing words in this well-worn, well-loved place will slowly fade out. If I think about it long enough, it’s bittersweet. I’ve made this a home for my reflections for 6+ years. I have loved it here. I have poured out my passion all over this place. I have cried and grown and stretched and failed and seen and connected and shared and been amazed at how God has changed me over the years. Continue reading