Welcome to My Life at Camp

(insert cheesy grin here)

Here’s the deal, you and I have been doing lots of soul-searching lately. It’s been a series of reflections on hope and unburying the vibrant life of my heart. And in all this deep stuff,  I’ve been thinking that you guys haven’t really met me yet—at least not the fun-loving, regular ole Sierra that I happen to be. I haven’t really invited you to my work-place or the passion that I have for kids, or the awesome people that I work alongside.

So, today’s the day!

I’m taking this summer to introduce you to my life at Wolf Mountain. The photo above was taken in April…a few days before we became resident staff here! I officially want to connect my personal life to this blog, and so the FUN summer camp posts coming your way will be affectionately known as windows.


Because you can’t possibly explain the entirety of camp life on a measly little blog. I can open up windows, but not doors. And I can let you in, but you won’t be able to experience it fully until you come and visit. So….COME AND VISIT! But until then…..

Here is your very first window:

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Your Beautiful Story

It didn’t feel very beautiful. It just felt like a lot of fighting and a lot of struggle–a giving up and a giving over. The cycle was monotonous and so was God’s grace–never ending, always overflowing. And day-by-day I was living it. Over and over.

I’d gotten rather used to the miraculous power of grace, the gift of full & present peace, the falling & (in God alone) rising again. So, after I opened up my heart once again…I waited for her reply. And do you want to know her first sentence? These were her lovely first words I read as I opened up the email—

“Wow…Sierra, what a beautiful story you are living right now.”

Up until I read those words, I didn’t know what to share with you. I had no idea what to write, how to encourage, the things I should share…but then I read those words.

And they stuck in my heart.

As the day went by, I began to realize just how right her words were, and how easily I lived forgetting about beautiful. I am such a careless heart living with a redeemed soul. I forget how it is God that carries me through the day, lifts me up, holds me close, forgives my sin, and comforts me in life weariness. Continue reading

You Have Permission to Be Brave

You have permission to be brave she said while she watched my tears fall heavy and sore. You have permission to be brave she said while she held my stiff, sad body. You have permission to be brave she said while she cried along with me. You have permission to be brave she said while we shared our deep, hidden struggles.

And without any words, she gave me permission to be brave. Because sometimes brave means opening your heart. And sometimes brave means being vulnerable. Brave often means breaking down in weakness and seeking comfort in His Truth

And letting her lead you back to Courage and Hope.

Sometimes brave means handing her some of the burden. And brave always means casting these feelings, heartaches, trials, and struggles on God. O to be brave my small heart beats! O to be brave, my soul crumbles!

You are brave she said while she led me back to Truth. You are brave she said while she told me about fearlessness. You are brave she said while she watched me resolve my heart in God again. You are brave not because of you, but because you have God.
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