Samantha Talks Marriage

Marriage is an adventure! My husband and I graduated from West Coast Baptist College on May 6 got married May 14, went to Hawaii May 15, flew to California to say goodbye to my family May 23, flew to Texas to say bye to AJ’s family May 26, and drove from there to Rogers, Arkansas on June 1st. Needless to say, our first month was very busy! My husband and I got hired at Gospel Light Baptist Church as the Youth Pastor and Secretary.

We were so excited to begin this adventure together, but it was also in Arkansas (very far from where we both lived previously). In just our first month, we had both experienced at least 4 major life changes: graduation from college, marriage, a move to another state and a new job! Continue reading


Sammy Talks Marriage | Part 2

Our love seems like it has matured. It is no longer a simple love, but a deep trust in one another. We have become one. Seeing from where we came from to where we are now, it is a world of difference. They way we communicate now holds more meaning. Before, it seemed like we would tread carefully on topics.

Now, we have no boundaries, we put forth our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes when we do go too far, we forgive one another. We know when that bond of ours is broken or in need of repair.

Sometimes it is hard to come to that point, and know we need to fix things. I see that both of us do not want to give up on the other. When dating, or in our case courtship, we always had that back door. If things just were not working out, one could leave; either for just that moment or permanently. Now, we have this urgency to stay with one another.

We were in a ministry that we had dreamed of being in, and it was great. Sure there were challenges, like moving multiple times, having hard living conditions, and so on, but it really did not bother us. We knew that a ministry had to start somewhere. We knew that we had to work hard in order to reap that reward. Continue reading

Sammy Talks Marriage | Part 1

The first few months were a mix of excitement and frustration. Everything was new and different. For the first time, we lived in our own place, not a dorm, or our parents home,. We had something to call our own. It was very exciting to start new traditions and policies in our home. We found fun in the little things, in how we both liked certain areas of the home to flow and run. We spent the first holidays together with no other family. It was great to have that time together.

On the other hand, we did have our struggles. I was attending college, and Lance was looking for work. It took about six months before he could find a job that was worth it. I went to school, and was a nanny for two girls. Thankfully, we moved to an area that was low cost of living so we got by on just a little. However, I think it was a strain on Lance. He wanted to be the one to provide for our family, but it seemed like each job was a dead end. He got by on a few jobs that needed his hand for a limited amount of time, and even had one job for three months.

One issue that created a lot of drama and tension was family. We were nowhere near family, but still their influence was close by. Our biggest desire for the first year of our marriage was to be away from family to learn how to depend on one another, and not let family get in between us. Continue reading