5 Reasons She’s Still Posting about Her Wedding

It’s a really good question. I used to be bothered by it. I used to think, “We get it! You had a beautiful wedding! Post something else now.” I’ve always struggled with having grace for others. I think a lot of people do.

But then, I became a bride, and then I wasn’t a bride anymore.

And I totally understood.

So, WHY?!


1. She finally sees the fruit of all her labor.

The big picture doesn’t come into full focus, until the wedding day. And the bride doesn’t really experience everything because she’s in this massive white dress that may or may not be high maintenance to wear, a lot of attention is on her, and by this point she’s just trying to get married to her husband, and it’s just so big to take in.

But then all her wedding photos finally come in and she can experience the wedding. Everyone does so differently, but posting favorite wedding photos is an easy way to experience what you’ve spent months preparing for.

2. All the important people in her life are together for something big.

It’s fun to post photos of your family & friends. It’s even more fun to share photos with high quality! And that’s that.

3. It’s hard to let go of something that marks such a huge turning point in life.

The wedding is over, but the memory of it is fresh, the emotions are vivid. The realization that the wedding was the final chapter of her single life, while simultaneously being the beginning chapter of her married life is a big deal. It takes time to work through that.

And I’m not just saying “work through it” in a hard, difficult way. She is working through the wonder, the joy, the experience of it & that takes time! But eventually she does take it in, she has to say goodbye to that day, and just live in all the days around her! And hopefully, it doesn’t take her too long to get to that point.

4. Pretty much all the best photos of her & her new husband are from their wedding day.

Who doesn’t post their favorite photos?! And so, she has the inclination to post a photo every now and again that makes her smile and shares a bit of the love she harbors for her husband.

5. A few months later, she will come across a wedding photo that simply makes her smile and she will desire to express that happiness.

Marriage is a string of ordinary moments, until suddenly, it takes your breath away. So when that happens, she may want to explode for happiness and she may just do that on Instagram or Facebook. And that’s OK.

These 5 reasons are not the only reasons & are not true of every woman out there! Those newly married friends of yours are most likely still sharing about their wedding, because a lot is going on in their heart. Let them post without getting annoyed, share the joy with them, be thankful that they are experiencing good things.

AHA! Not so fast newly married women! We don’t get off that easy! 🙂 The above points are all really good reasons to share a wedding photo, but for all of us who have planned, experienced, and taken joy in our wedding day— we need to remember a few things as we go about it all.

5 Things for Past & Present Brides to Remember:

  • Realize that not all your friends are in a happy stage of life & love. It isn’t that you shouldn’t post photos, just be thoughtful in what & how much you post.
  • Learn how to experience happiness privately.
  • Society places an undue amount of expectations & value on wedding festivities, never post in order to compete with that or find your worth in how Pinterest-y you feel a wedding photo is.
  • Post photos to share about your life, not to broadcast it.
  • Enjoy the life around you, not just the memories you’ve made. Share present moments, enjoy the Now, be excited that you were able to experience your wedding, but say good-bye to it.



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