A Little Q&A about Me

Who are you?

I am Sierra, child of God, young wife, and learning woman. I was born and raised in the Mojave desert. I had a very adventurous childhood and took pride in looking like a ragamuffin! I had the best friends a girl could ask for. I met my husband several years ago through a love story that I’ll be excited to share with my future kiddos.

Ben asked me to marry him in December 2014, and we made it official May 23, 2015. Those were the longest, busiest weeks of my life! I did not have a cutesy magical engagement like you so often see on Instagram or Pinterest, but I had a good one & Ben gave me so many special memories. And I’m so thankful to be married now with all that wedding planning behind me!

How would you describe yourself?

I’m a very practical, simple sort of girl. I like comfortable clothes over fancy ones. I like cut-offs over dress pants. You get the idea. I love the simple, slow kind of life.

I’m also very introspective (ahem..hence the blog!), and I like to think through things and then throw it all into words. I can be quite emotional, but I lean to a more logical, realistic mindset.Much to the chagrin of my sister, but we are still close!

What kind of posts do you write?

I’m a Heart Writer. I write posts about marriage, life, hope, love, and I’ll even tackle some of the harder issues. It’s taken me a long time to understand what exactly I write. I’m no fashion beauty blogger, and I’m not super great with photos or opinionated posts, so searching for what I write was quite the adventure! For many months I wondered…what do I write? I know now.

I’m a Heart Writer.I write the words that spring from my heart, the words that maybe another can’t put together. I record words that people can read and feel release, because someone has put their feelings into something that makes sense. I write about this life, my imperfect, unlovely, growing-in-Christ womanhood. I write through my heart depths.

What’s your Engagement Story & What was your Wedding like?

The engagement story is too long to condense, so just click HERE. It’s a simple one, no fireworks–but it does include a beautiful children’s story that he wrote. šŸ˜‰

Our wedding was simple. We did everything on the cheap. I got married in the desert, my girlhood dream, and was able to say I do in my family’s backyard! The day was made special by all the people, not the wedding dress, or the decor, or the ceremonial perfection (it was windy, so definitely not perfect!).

It was a wonderful day of pledging my life to the man I love. Click HERE for more. šŸ™‚

What is being a newlywed like?

Uh, it’s awesome! You learn how to tune out the pessimistic views or condescending tones often expressed by countless adults. You can read more about that HERE. I love being married. People tell you about all the bad stuff, but there is so, so, so much good stuff.

It’s not just hard work that makes it worth it, it’s the good, fly-me-away, wonderful stuff too. Don’t listen to everything you read in marriage books or all the terrible stuff you hear. Marriage is a good, grand, wonderful thing! Even with the wrinkles. šŸ™‚ But I digress! Rabbit-trails are awesome #amiright ?! Why yes, yes I am.

Where do you live?

On a mountain in beautiful CA at a Christian camp where I work. Here’s our house. You’ll just have to follow the blog to actually understand what I do for a living. (*wink, wink*)

What are real things you struggle with in life?

I struggle through many things—-anxiety, bitterness, self-righteousness…ect. There are deep parts of me that I am growing through just like you. The things I write come straight from the depths of my heart. I write in, of, and through the blackness of life even as I consistently record the good & exciting parts!

It’s a mixture of easy, hard, good, bad, difficult and wonderful. So, this isn’t a lifestyle blog so much as it’s just a LIFE blog!

Should I follow you?

Well, that’s up to you…but I’d love it if you did, and I’d be just fine if you didn’t. Now you go have a fabulous day!


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